Opening Night for Cher’s Fabulous New Store.

Cher has become a top designer in SL, having Fashion Houses throughout the grid, including the classy London sims.  I am pleased to say that Cher is opening an even bigger store this Friday at Seraphim.  The official opening on the 21 November will be at 1pm SLT.  Cher has asked the fantastic singer Maximillion Kleene along to give a live performance, so be sure to get there early, as Max always fills the sims whenever he makes an appearance.  Cher was sporting a new hairstyle when I saw him, and he looks absolutely like a top designer should look, nice one Cher! you are right you do look hot!


Cher asked me over for a preview to see the store and it was nice to see Ruskin as well, as he has been away from sl for a few days.  The store is looking brilliant and I am pleased to say that Cher has introduced a new furniture range, very modern cutting edge stuff.  He has also brought back his kitchen range (of which I am the proud owner of one his red kitchens in the Chelsea apartment).  One kitchen in particular caught my eye though, it was all in black and really very very nice.



Treasure came on line and joined us and she looks around admiring the furniture as well.  The ‘Hello’ range of menswear by Cher is going to take sl by storm, it’s a fresh new look for guys, who badly need some good places to shop in the virtual world.


So don’t forget to go to see the grand opening on Friday, the London team are also going along to enjoy the evening.

While I am at it, just to let you know that I have put a story on CNN about the amazing party Hibiscus and I went to for Kirk Claymore’s rezday which is at and you can also catch one of my stories that has been linked to the main CNN page this week because of the press coverage about the sl couple who are getting divorced in real life.  Because of the Linking my story on Anger has received thousands of hits to which I am grateful to CNN for making the link.  Anger story is at


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