CNN Film and Ice Rink in SL Mayfair

The CNN meeting was a little different on Tuesday, it was nice to see reporter Henry back and he took the meeting.  He introduced us to another real life reporter called Errol (Errol being his real name as well as his avs’), who is their reporter based in the UK.  Nicole arrived as well, and as we had the usual weekly discussion, we saw that Nicole and Errol were walking and flying all round the outside of the arena and not sitting with us.  It turned out that they were filming the meeting, Errol runs a program on CNN TV about ireports for showing in Europe, so it looks like we may be featured on there. CNN have been in SL for a year now, so it may be to mark their birthday in the virtial world.


Drax came over yesterday to see the start of my Christmas decorations in the appartment (I’ve bought a couple of Christmas trees and put some lights up so far!).  Then I took him over to show him the ice rink that they had set up in SL Mayfair, it’s very pretty and they have lots of snow falling down to make it feel like winter.



We met SL London Manager Seany for a chat and he showed us the new Underground Club tee shirts with the Cher’s Logo on.  The tee shirt and some lovely dresses for the girls, also bearing the logo, are the new uniforms for the Club and are designed by nils Tomorrow who had done a lovely job with them.



2 Responses to CNN Film and Ice Rink in SL Mayfair

  1. Hi J – you must let me know about this film – I’d love to see it 🙂

  2. If its the program I have seen. it was on CNN news channel on Saturday at 11pm, but I haven’t looked for a while. It’s about half an hour long, but I’ve no idea if this is the one.

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