Newbie Mania in SL London

After all the bad press SL has been getting since the article on the divorced SL couple, there seems to be newbies everywhere you go.  I went to a store the other day and there was a newbie swearing and cursing in ‘voice’ and walking up to all the girls asking for a ‘good time’.  He got largely ignored by everyone until another guy felt sorry for him and decided to take him under his wing, telling him that this was not the right place for that sort of thing.  On witnessing that sort of stuff though, it makes you realise that most of the people in SL are behaving themselves and just enjoying shopping and chatting, as these sort of people do stand out, the ones who act like morons.

Well just this week, LS Knightsbridge has seen loads of newbies arriving, as it is the gateway for people who live in real life London, so they come straight in after Help Island.  It’s quite nice helping newbies, but lots of them are arriving and hitting on the girls and even the boys who reside in the virtual Capital.  It must be due to the newspapers painting such a sex driven description of SL.  They just arrive wanting to know what it’s all about and how they ‘play’ the game.  You get them walking up to girls and saying ” ‘Sup Baby?” and really inviting lines like that!  It’s a novelty at first, but as someone pointed out the the Virtually London (Lite) comments today, that’s not what they are in the game for, to teach newbies, and I can see their point.  There have been mentors at the site, which is great, and probably in a week or two things will settle down.  Hopefully the newbies too will get a proper Second Life and start exploring all the wonderful things in the virtual world.


Another awkward point about newbies is the fact that if you do help them a little with the basic stuff, they instantly offer friendship, how come they all know how to do that when they know nothing else?  I am honest with them now and just tell them no, they may take offence, but it’s better to get it over and done with.  I do say sorry that I only put people on that I have known for a while and hope they settle for that.

Drax came over for a chat later on and I was telling him all about the newbies, he told me he had been hit on as well by the girls, blimey what have these newspapers done printing such an unbalanced story.



3 Responses to Newbie Mania in SL London

  1. Shhh, don’t tell Drax but that was me hitting on him!! 😀

  2. Hehe, well I think you should be glad he didn’t take you up on it!!! He might have dragged you off to Gor!! Nice to see you at the wedding btw, although I was busy with pics and dealing with the lag and a runway camera, so didn’t spot you at first. 🙂

  3. drax ember says:

    Didn’t know head looked that nice in a skirt!

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