Surprise Wedding in Murray!!

We all knew they were a lovely couple, Rubi Hawker and Stefanos Barzane, and that they had planned to get married in sl one day.  Well I had gone to my CNN meeting last night and the topic was about weddings in sl, funny enough!!  Then I got IM’s from Captive and Tah telling me that Rubi and Stef were getting married at that very moment!!  My head was buzzing anyway as I was saying my bit at the meeting about a report I had posted and I said I am sorry I can’t come!!  What was I thinking of!  missing the two nicest people in SL’s wedding! Ruskin and Stef IM me as well as I quickly told reporter Nicole I had to leave and off I went without even changing my clothes, I was in such a hurry!  I am so glad I went, Stef had been right to pick Murray for their wedding, it added a touch of romance and the setting with the sunset is beautiful.  Luckily most of the Murray gang had made it and I hope they have a very happy future together.  I quickly put the story on CNN as well last night, so I hope they don’t mind  Here’s some photos, which Murray full of lag, were quite hard to get, sorry everyone if I was a bit quiet as I was snapping away!!  Congratulations to you both Rubi and Stef!!!










3 Responses to Surprise Wedding in Murray!!

  1. Captive007 Latte says:

    Yes, what a wonderful surprise it was indeed! We are all so pleased for the pair of them – about blimin time really hehe. Great photos Janey!Who would have thought Murray could be romantic 🙂

  2. Drax Ember says:

    Looks like it was a beautiful ceremony. I’m sorry that I missed it!

  3. Hi Cappy
    It was lovely, it was extra special that it was so suddenly arranged and all went so well, considering it could have been griefed any time!! At least the idiots stayed away and it was a wedding to remember for them.

    Yes wished you could have seen the wedding Drax, you would have enjoyed it too!!

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