Newbie Greeters and Furniture shopping

The newbies are arriving thick and fast into SL, and SL London seems one of the prime targets.  I sometimes go over for a few minutes to see what is happening and its a tiring job answering the same questions over and over, but the London team are good at it, so patient and I watched Brie Janick and her SL husband Seany1235 Blinker doing their bit.  Debs was there as well and she has a lovely sense of humour, she dressed as the queen to welcome them.  Well it’s her sim and it’s a wonderful place for newbies to start out. 



Hibiscus joined us and we all stood there chatting as one of the newbies spoke in voice and it was clear that he was well under age.  Brie was so good at handling the situation, giving him advice but telling him he should be on the teen grid, he went away quite happily in the end.  Then another av appeared with a gun, usual sort of thing! anyway Brie and Seany once again got rid of him without any fuss, they are well used to patrolling the sim. 



Hib and I went off shopping afterwards, we had to get some new furniture for the office as the whole building has been re done, and its beautiful thanks to Nikk Huet whose creation it is.  The rampant newbies are everywhere though even at the shops, the media saying that SL is a sex den is still drawing them in.  I saw two av’s at it (yes I do mean at it!! and she had no clothes on and he had his bits attached!) in the middle of the furniture store.  Trouble is as well they were a few days old and looked so scary with their prim hair and horrible skins.  As me and Hib were looking at the sofas a nude male av came over to us and I told him to go away and he did, he looked dead daft as well.  We carried on shopping and decided on a pair of temporary sofas for now, but they are quite nice and only two prims again, the same as I have in the apartment, only these are light grey and the others are a tan leather colour.  We will look for some better ones for the office though to match the nice desks and other bits there.




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