Clive and Helen’s Swamp Party

Clive the Alligator told me that he was having a party in the Underground Club on Saturday as it was his real life birthday.   He told me about Helen his friend, who is also an alligator, and it turned out it was a joint party for both their real life birthdays and Helen’s rez day as well.  Brie the London Director, called me over to give me a preview of the swamp she had created in the Underground Club for the gators birthdays, and I went over to have a look.  Although I missed Brie, I caught up with Clive and Helen and they looked really at home in the great swamp that Brie had made.



I went off in search of something to wear that was ‘swamplike’ but didn’t have much success.  In the end I put on a dress I already had and changed the colour to green, I already had green shoes so that was ok.  My friend Hibiscus came to the club and looked really beautiful, she had a fabulous gown on and had tinted her skin green.  Clive had his top hat and tails on and Helen had a cute dress and party hat, plus her little orange handbag she carries around.



I had spoken to Captive earlier in the day, as she told me about a great place to buy hair that had a sale on.  I mentioned the party and she, Roach, Treasure and Nez came over later to join in the fun.  The place was packed and I think Clive and Helen had a lovely time.  Of course the newbies were still arriving and you got the odd one walking around in his underpants, but that seems to be an ongoing thing in London now.  London manager Seany turned up in a swamp monster av, which was really funny, and there were lots of swampy outfits about. Anyway thanks Clive and Helen for inviting me to your ‘do’ it was a brilliant night.





2 Responses to Clive and Helen’s Swamp Party

  1. Drax Ember says:

    It looks like everyone had a great time, I wish I could have been there!

  2. Yes, it would have been great if you could have been there, I will have to introduce you to Helen and Clive, they are great fun

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