Some Girls have all the Luck!! (Conversation Gone Bad)


2:02]  fluffhead : hi
[12:02]  Janey Bracken: Hi
[12:02]  fluffhead : im cute huh
[12:02]  Janey Bracken: I would sort your av out, I know you are new but ….
[12:03]  Janey Bracken: your feet are sticking through your boots
[12:03]  fluffhead : thats the least of my problems i think
[12:03]  fluffhead : see my gut
[12:03]  fluffhead : or my hair
[12:03]  Janey Bracken: yes lol does look funny
[12:04]  Janey Bracken: do you want some places to get free clothes?
[12:04]  fluffhead : no way
[12:04]  Janey Bracken: no? not interested
[12:04]  fluffhead : yoou need clothes in 1st life
[12:04]  Janey Bracken: lol
[12:04]  Janey Bracken: well you need them in this area too its pg
[12:04]  fluffhead : not 2nd right?
[12:05]  Janey Bracken: you can only go naked in mature areas
[12:05]  fluffhead : ha, where do i find one of those
[12:05]  Janey Bracken: if you look in ‘search’ at the bottom of your screen you can find any places you like
[12:05]  Janey Bracken: what sort of places are you looking for?
[12:05]  fluffhead : lets go, your comming with me right
[12:06]  Janey Bracken: no lol
[12:06]  Janey Bracken: I wouldn’t be seen dead with a man with his toes sticking through his shoes and hair like a girl
[12:06]  fluffhead : hahaha i can’t blame you


5 Responses to Some Girls have all the Luck!! (Conversation Gone Bad)

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    He could have painted his feet!

  2. Think he need to paint his whole body and cover it up!! He had stood
    behind me for about 5 minutes getting his shape right, wonder if he will
    regret his name later, fluffhead sounds like a poodle!!!

  3. Captive007 Latte says:

    I find him strangely attractive…… (kidding!!!) 🙂

  4. Yes he did have that something about him, I had a job keeping my
    hands off him, mainly from around his throat!!! He did laugh at
    the end though, so perhaps he had hidden talents!!

  5. uuade says:

    hahah that fluffhead guy is the coolest person in second life, hands down

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