Funny time at the Underground Club

I went into SL London today to see who was there and headed for the Underground Club in Knightsbridge.  London team members Brie, Seany and cutewillow have been turning the inside of the club all Chrismassy, and they even have snow on the floor.  I’d seen Clive the alligator on the snow the other night as it only covered a bit of the dance floor then, he rolled on his back and wriggled his arms and legs in the snow,  in something they call a snow angel pose.


Brie asked me if I had tried the snow angel, so not to be left out I had a go and next thing I was freezing cold waving my arms and legs about in the snow.  Das Wade, London Director, also had a go, I bet his head was cold as he has no hair!!



When I got there today Clive was in human form, which seems strange after seeing him as a gator, you sort of get used to the characters that people take on, but he looked very handsome with his human av.  HelenH who dances in the club with Clive turned up in her gater outfit and it seemed a shame that they looked so different to each other.  Clive assured us that he will be back in his gator gear soon though, I hope he does spend some time as gator Clive as the pair of them, him and Helen are a bit of a legend in LS London. Thats cutewillow with Clive and HelenH in the picture below, she looked great in her Christmas outfit.


As the floor of the club was more like a skating rink, Brie put on a pair of ice skates and did some remarkable moves, twisting and turning in the air and even doing the splits, looks like we have an ice skating champion in our midst!




What with all the newbies coming into the Undeground club it’s quite a fun place to be, the staff are excellent, aways happy and doing their best to make everyone welcome.  I spoke to Hibiscus as well briefly today, as she is very busy in real life, but thought I would show you another picture of her as she has bought some new hair and looks really pretty, wtg Hib!!!



One Response to Funny time at the Underground Club

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Thank you, Janey, one of the great pleasures of sl is changing appearance, although I have never done anything compared to Clive. However, I am sure whatever form he is in, he is still the same great person at heart. Sorry I missed all the fun today. Snow angels in London, who knew!

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