Visiting Elizabetta and CNN Island

As you probably know Hibiscus and I are neighbours in our Chelsea apartments and we often see Elizabetta Westland who lives upstairs to Hib and shout ‘hello’.  Yesterday we all got together and Liz showed us her lovely apartment, she has decked it out with a lot of pinks and whites and it looks really pretty plus she has her Christmas decorations which added to the great look.  It turned out that Liz is from Canada, the same as Hib, and another neighbour upstairs is also from there, so Hib has some fellow Canadians in the block which is really nice.  We sat chatting for quite a while before I had to go back to real life.


Later on last night I went over to the CNN meeting and Hib joined me.   Not too many of us were there last night, but Nicole and Henry the CNN reporters turned it into a lively debate.  They are still trying out new things for the CNN Island and Henry told us that he had found a cave, so me and Hib joined him to have a look.  It looks like a very large tree trunk shape from the outside and inside it has glowing embers in the floor and exotic plants growing.   It looked like something out of the Rupert Bear stories, quite magical.  They are making the island look very nice, but I think to draw more people there they need a partial copy of their Atlantic Offices from real life as I’m sure people would be more interested to get a snapshot of the studios and offices they work in and keep only part of the island for the cave etc for the garden.  They are going to celebrate their first year in SL by having a party soon, so that should be nice to look forward to. (CNN iReport Island 63, 130, 24)




One Response to Visiting Elizabetta and CNN Island

  1. A year of CNN – blimey! It’ really flown by! Congrats to the ireport team and reporters 🙂

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