Great time with Monet

Hibiscus and I went over to see Monet last night.  Monet Fitzgerald owns the Waverley Yacht Club and is such a talented friend and such good company.  When I say talented, Monet is touching on genius, she has been inventing things in SL that are fantastic.  We arrived at her club and she showed us a submarine that goes across land as well as under the sea, and it’s not one you rez  and ride, it’s one you wear so there is no problems crossing sims and it was such fun travelling under the water in them, they looked like cute little beetles.



We then went scuba diving and it was lovely, the underwater world with the plants and things looked really pretty, I’ve never tried it before and I really enjoyed swimming with Monet and Hibiscus.





As I said before, Monet is a great inventor in SL and she has invented something amazing for people who have no home or can’t afford to pay rent.  She has invented a house that you create by wearing it, therefore you can put up your home wherever you like and not only that, you can invite people in  there with you, so you can all sit round and have a cosy chat in sumptuous surroundings.  She even has books that you can click on in the house and you can read the book from the notecards it creates.  There are drinks, a radio and all sorts, it’s such a lovely idea.  She also has an island that goes along with the same theme, you create the island and can have your friends join you there too.




We had a really nice time with Monet last night and she is just amazing, so creative!!!  I will be writing more about Monet’s fabulous inventions and wonderful work over the next couple of days.


3 Responses to Great time with Monet

  1. Wow! What a clever lass! I love the idea of the house – lots of noobs without land will LOVE that idea! And the land/sea subs are very cute! Well done Monet!

  2. Drax Ember says:

    I’ve never heard of a house you can wear?? How ingenius!!!! You’ll have to show me!!

  3. Yes she is so clever and to think you can have a house to put down without buying land is a such a good idea, Monet is a genius!! Monet gave both Hibiscus and I a copy of the house and also the lovely little Island, can’t wait to show you Drax!!

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