Gigs and CNN’s New Blog

Drax and I have been travelling around a bit lately looking at live gigs.  It all started the other night when I decided to look down the live events list and saw an Eagles Tribute Band playing, shame though we only caught the last ten minutes of that one, but it was packed out with avatars and looked like it had been a good night.   Since then we have looked down the list and picked musicians at random, some really fantastic and some not so good, but at least they are making the effort and good luck to them all.  One singer I really enjoyed as Garth Lannock who put on a really good live show, I would go back to see him again, it was a great night.



I got a message from Henry Hanks the CNN reporter saying that they have started a new blog page and are picking weekly themes for the ireports, unfortunately I couldn’t make the first consignment where a celebrity was coming in-world for the sltv as the time zone difference made it in the middle of the night for me, but hopefully there will be many others that CNN can throw our way.   They do still want stories about SL romances though and they have a picture of Ruby and Stef’s wedding on the blog page.



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