Popular CNN, Win L$4000 and Funny Robot

There has been a lot going on at CNN over the past week, what with reporter Henry Hanks publishing his story on relationships and Nicole has been spreading the meetings across the day trying to fit into people’s time zones.  I thought maybe this would bring less people to the 2pm slt meeting but I was surprised, as by the end of it, it was really busy, so I am pleased that it worked out for them.


After the meeting I went back over to London, it was late, but I didn’t feel like logging off straight away.  I went to Knightsbridge to watch the newbies playing.  It’s getting a proper hot spot there now, the newbies all treat it as a base and you are beginning to see the same names appearing although lots of them look the same.  I was talking to Hibiscus last night too, about what the newbies say, and it seems that a lot of the guys go up to girls and ask them if they want to go for a walk, she told me she had noticed this as well.  We can only assume that if the girls go for a walk the guys feel more confident to tell them what they are really after!!!  Perhaps me or Hib should go with one to record the conversation and see if  its funny, it might be boring though, perhaps they just want to show the girls their battleships or Buzzlightyear dolls.


I saw a robot av along the road brandishing a large gun so I went over for a chat and told him London wasn’t the place to get his gun out.  He seemed to be strugging with it trying to fire it, but of course it wouldn’t work there anyway!!  He did get chatting and told me he had come to London to see if he could meet people from the UK, particulary from the Preston area.  I told him to contact one of the managers who may put out a notice for him, you never know lots of people drop into SL London from all over the UK, so he might be lucky.  With that he took his gun and left in a cloud of smoke (hope his gun didn’t explode!!)


Finally I had met Nik my boss yesterday and we decided to set up a competition for the SL London residents for the best Christmas decorated home in London and he generously made L$4000 as the prize.  I have seen quite a few nicely decorated places so I am hoping for a good response.  I have asked Saffia Widdershins from Prim Perfect Magazine if she would judge the contest and she said yes, which is lovely.  She also suggested another lady from another Magazine as well, so I am waiting to hear if the other lady agrees, but it will be great to have them both on board as they are experts on design and homes and gardens in SL. (By the way Saffia has been nominated for SL entrepreneur of the year which is really well deserved, for those wanting to vote nip across and do so at http://www.slentre.com/vote-here-for-the-2008-slentrepreneur-of-the-year-award-winner-announced-dec-20th/#comment-5907)  If you decide you want to move to SL London or already live there you can find out more about the contest at http://www.virtuallylondonlite.com/



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