Great Party at the Underground Club and SL Showcase News

I got a call from the lovely Jura Shepherd, singer Winston Ackland’s Publicist, she had sent me an advert for a job in a great magazine and wondered if I would be interested in applying.  While I was chatting to her she asked me if I had seen that my article on fantastic singer Winston had got a mention on the Second Life showcase page of Second  Well it was news to me, and all I can say is that I am delighted and so glad that Jura told me, I had posted Winston’s story about him being signed with 20th Century Fox at  the wrong time on CNN really, as they were in the throws of the US elections, so political stories had taken priority, but this is smashing news that SL has acknowledged how well Winston has done.  It’s at halfway down on the left of the page.

Last night was the Christmas Party at the London Underground Club, and I had given the ‘do’ as much publicity as I could on the Virtually London (Lite) blog and it certainly paid off, the sim was packed out.   I got there early and the party was well under way, they had the SL Go Go’s appearing and they were really good.



I saw my friend Drax come on line and met him in the street as the lag was so bad inside, I left Hibiscus dancing and enjoying herself.  I told Drax about the party and he went off to change before joining us for a while and we had a lovely time. 



The club had more than 40 people in the beginning dropping to 28 as it got late for the UK then up again to 48 people as our other friends from abroad came on line, so it was a great success all through the evening and night.  Congrats to the DJs, hosts and SL Go Go’s it was a brilliant night!!!


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