Club Fun and Great AKK Ride

Christmas has been lovely in SL, I have been catching up with my friends between real life stuff and there has been lots of fun in the Underground Club.  Hibiscus and I know loads of people there now and we go over to dance quite a bit.  Last night the sim was packed out and I think it’s getting more popular all the time.




Hib went off for dinner and Drax came on line, I told him about the AKK Ranch where you could get a tour around the sim on one of their pretty horses, so we went over there.  It’s such a good invention, it’s a double saddle and you can sit together, usually I’m a lot slower than Drax on horseback and he goes charging off in the distance, so this was nice just to sit and the horse take us round the ranch which has some nice places to see.





We had a smashing time, we went back into the London sim after and met a few new people arriving.  Hib joined us again for a little while but I had to go as it was getting late.  It has been a nice Christmas in SL for me, I had a go at writing my first fiction for the Virtually London (Lite), a Christmas story, which you can read at 


I also posted a story on CNN last night although this is about Christmas in general in SL and about everyone meeting their friends from across the world, it’s at  So I have been quite busy writing which I have enjoyed.


2 Responses to Club Fun and Great AKK Ride

  1. drax ember says:

    That was such fun! I didn’t know that they had such a tour until you mentioned it. I wonder if they will set up a special “Tarn Guided” tour as well????

  2. Maybe thats something that you could do later on when you have shown the Tarn who is boss!!! Think he is a bit of a wild bird and will need some training, he did run away with Hibiscus on his back and left her so traumatised that she couldn’t stand up straight afterwards!!

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