Gorean Tarn Takes Us For a Ride

I met up with Drax the other day and he had got something he had been interesting in getting for ages, a big black monster of a bird called a Tarn.  Tarn’s are part of the Gorean role play  and are used for carrying messages and things, as well as being used as fighting birds that you can ride, attacking your aggressors with the tarns sharp beak and claws.  We went to a building skybox to try to open the box containing the Tarn, but Drax had trouble there, probably SL playing up again, so he tp’d over to a sandbox to set the Tarn up there.



I tp’d over to Drax and there he was with the great black Tarn, it had a long vicious beak and sharp talons.  I jump up behind Drax for a ride and we took off, the bird twisting and turning as we held on tight.



I saw Hibiscus come on line and I sent her a message asking if she wanted to join us.  She came over and Drax showed her the magnificent black bird.  We all scrambled onto the Tarns back and took off once more.  Drax had done well up until then but suddenly the bird decided to ditch us and I found myself ejected off into the sea.  I caught up with Drax who had also been thrown off and Hib was still riding the tarn on her own, what a star!!   She did eventually fall off and joined me and Drax.  The only thing was that Hib still had the sitting pose, one of SL ‘s wonderful bugs of course! and she thought she was standing but we had to tell her that we could both see her in the sitting pose.  She tried everything but nothing worked and she had to log off in the end to get back to her feet. 


I’ve seen lots of people lately gliding around as if they are sitting or laying down, they must think they are just walking on their own computers, you never really know with SL just what you do look like, at least I have kept my hair on lately!!!


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