Apartment Makeover and Brie’s New Car

January 30, 2009

I had moved out of the apartment in Chelsea for a while, just concentrating on my other home and putting the new house up, which I am really pleased with (till I get bored with that!!).  I did miss my apartment in SL London though and being close to my friends there, although I have the office I can use, it’s not the same.  So a few days ago I moved back into the apartment and it meant I could plan something new, which is always a delight in SL.  I had put a couple of walls up in the middle section to create a bedroom before ,and sat and thought ‘what could I do a little different this time.’  I decided on still having the partitions there, but to make them into arches rather than solid walls.   Not the best builder in the world, I started to fiddle about cutting into the prims to get the effect I wanted and Drax called in to see what a hash I was making!!  He is always very kind and encouraging though, so I went on with things trying to get the effect I wanted.


In the end I did get a structure I liked, but with a round opening on one wall and a large round opening for the entrance on the other one, with a raised floor.  The trouble is that I only have 200 prims to play with there, and I could have made a lovely arch if I had prims to spare on it, but I needed them for the furniture as well.  Instead of a bedroom its now a relaxation area with scattered cushions and I picked beige, lilac, mauve, pinks and blues for the overall colours.  I built a couple of benches either side of the middle section and went to a lovely shop called Jojo’s to get some cushions complete with ‘sit poses’.   Trouble is Jojo has such lovely stuff that I bought another three peice suite while I was there, and the beauty of it is, is that you can touch each cushion to change the fabric to match your colour scheme.  I installed a large Tiffany glass window covering the ugly grey balcony wall which has really brightened up the apartment.



I invited pixi and Hibiscus over for a chat and I must admit I feel pleased with the colours and furniture, for how long though I don’t know, I do like changing stuff! but then in SL it’s not a problem.  


After all that decorating I went over to Knightsbridge later on and met friend Brie Janick, the London Director.  Brie told me she had a new car, a mini with a Union Jack Flag painted on the roof.  Next thing she got the car out and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride.  It was a lovely car, very trendy and I sat in the passenger seat while Brie took off.  Brie is a much better driver than me, although she says she has only managed two gears so far, but nonetheless at least she stayed on the road most of the time. 



The car made some great noises too, the engine revving when she was on the straight, but if she hit the corner a bit hard, knocking the kerb, there was the sound of breaking glass, so funny!!  Anyway Brie is hoping that the guy who makes the cars will open a shop in the London sim and I must admit I am tempted to get one!!  Think I need a few driving lessons first though!!!




Surprising Who You Meet!!

January 28, 2009

I took a break from writing and the London sims to go around SL being nosy, like I do sometimes!  I ended up at the meeting place Ahern where I usually stand in silence listening to the usual mob who gather and talk in voice very loudly trying to impress not only each other but all the poor little newbies who are walking around bumping into people.    I don’t go there much now, but for some reason it was fairly quiet, voice wise, although packed with people I have never seen before, and they were talking in text, suppose it was tea time for the usual crowd.  An avatar started chatting to me in text, he was very unusually dressed and standing just a little way away from me. He had white robes on with a gold belt, white top hat and no shoes and I could see from Mafiawl Mower’s profile that he had been around in SL even longer than me, since 2006.

He started off in chat asking if I would lend him L$300,000,000, and I jokingly agreed to, asking him if he would take a cheque.  He said he would and I said I had to wait for my new chequebook to arrive.  He suddenly tried to pay me L$300 and seeing the blue tag in the corner that I would have to accept to get the payment,  I instantly became suspicious that this was a scam to raid my account.  It’s happened twice before to me, although I did not lose my money because I realised on both occasions what was going on.  Then we got chatting in IM and he was very funny with a great sense of humour and I realised he was ok.  As he had been in SL so long I was curious to know if he was  creative and what he did in there.  He told me that he did build a little and asked if I wanted to see what he had been doing, so I said yes.  He gave me a tp and I met him over at his beautiful island, it was lush and green and nicely laid out with rocks and flowers.   He told me then that he had come into SL to promote is business, he has a real life game called Blag that has sold really well in the UK and he wanted to bring it to SL, so I was actually standing on Blag Island.   He has invented a teleport button there with lots of locations to visit and he took me up to the secret garden, complete with a cute greenhouse, for a look around.



Mafiawl showed me the dancefloor as well, that is hidden behind the waterfall and has an amazing spiral staircase going up the mountainside.



The island is quite amazing and I will go back to explore it all, there were quite a few places on there including a Star Trek part, so Trekkies would probably love that.


I told Mafiawl about the London sims and how real businesses are coming into there, so I hope he looks into that further.  I had a great time looking over the Blag Island sim and it was nice meeting Mafiawl with his wicked sense of humour.  It’s always nice to meet creative people in SL and like Mafiawl you can just see some people are bursting with ideas both in SL and real life, SL is a great platform for people to market their ideas. Mafiawl’s website for his real life Blag game is at http://www.blaggame.co.uk/content/home.asp

Cleo and Das Wed and Dead Moggy

January 26, 2009

It was Cleo Charleville and Das Wade’s wedding on Saturday and I looked forward to seeing them on their big day.   I had bought a dress when I went shopping with Hibiscus a couple of days before, so I felt quite nice as I climbed the steps to the Kensington Building to join the congregation waiting to see the big event.


It was a shame that Hib didn’t get an invite, as she would have loved to have seen them, I have no idea if this was an oversight or just that they had too many guests as the sim was packed.  I did IM her a couple of times to keep her up to date with how it was going,  but it wasn’t the same as having her seeing it too. There seemed to be a bit of chaos at the beginning with people still trying to find where they should start their walk down the aisle, just like a real life wedding, people were milling about a bit, me being a bit bossy felt like getting them organised, but kept quiet, I was only a guest hehe.  After what seems like a long wait it did all work out though and was a lovely event.  I had terrible trouble taking pictures as my camera was more or less out of control due to the lag in the sim.  Cleo looked beautiful in her long bridal gown and Das looked very handsome in his suit.





The bridesmaids all looked lovely and included Brie and Debs.   I always envy Brie as she always look immaculate in SL and she looked really pretty as one of the bridesmaids.  Tiny Debs, who owns the sim, stood next to Cleo and she too looked very pretty as one of the attendants.


After the wedding everyone went up to the roof gardens where there is a restaurant (the roof gardens are a copy of the real thing in Kensington, and owned in real life by Sir Richard Branson).  There the couple cut the cake and had their first dance as SL man and wife.   It was a lovely wedding and I would like to thank Cleo and Das for inviting me along.

I met Drax yesterday and we were trying to decide on what colours I should use as I am re doing the apartment in SL Chelsea and want things different to the way they were before.  We didn’t get very far with the colour schemes and my mad bit of building (I was trying to create arches instead of ordinary doors, bit of a mess so far, hehe.  Anyway Drax suggested going dancing and we went off to a new place that he had seen hoping there would be a crowd there.   When we arrived it was only us and one other man, who I think was away from his keyboard, as he just stood there without saying a word.  We decided to have a Salsa anyway and thought more people might start arriving.  There was a little ginger cat walking around the dance floor and he kept coming over to us, not sure if he had his claws out or not, but he must have got in the way of my vast skirts as I did not see where he went.  Next thing he was laying on the floor at the side of us and I think I must have kicked him over by mistake.  Think it was time for a quick exit!



We decided to go to the Underground Club and when we got there they were having a 60’s best dressed contest, so we were a little bit overdressed, but had a great time anyway as we joined the line dancing to the sound of DJ Seany’s great music.



All in all it was a really nice weekend.  Bernadette and Dougal are getting married in SL next Saturday so I am looking forward to seeing their wedding.  SL London is getting to be the hot place for people getting married!

Love Shopping!!

January 22, 2009

Of all the things I like about SL one of the best things is shopping!!  I have two SL weddings coming up soon, one this Saturday, Cleo Charlesville and Das Wade, two members of the London team are getting married (they are also engaged in real life too, so sweet!!) and there is another wedding next week, Bernadette Halostar and Dougal MacMoragh who I featured on CNN a week or so ago.  Of course I can’t just go to the weddings in something I already have, people might have seen the outfits before, even though my inventory is bursting at the seams with clothes!!  So Hibiscus and I went shopping, I don’t have to ask Hib twice, she is as bad as me, but she is an expert at finding bargains, quite a super- sleuth in fact!  I let Hib choose the shops and they are real high quality ones, so I was spoiled for choice!! I did get a couple of outfits and I can’t wait to wear my first one at Cleo and Das’s wedding, which I am sure will be a fantastic affair, as they seem to be people who only want the best.

The trouble is that Saturday night will be quite busy, the Underground Club are having a party for the Chinese New Year, so I will try to drop in there too just to take some pictures and have a dance or two.  There is to be a contest for the best Chinese costumes and Hib and I were on the case again today, picking up a couple of nice outfits from a Chinese sim.  It is fun dressing up and I took some photos for Virtually London (lite) for tomorrow to advertise the party.


I had a note from lovely Saffia Widdershins yesterday asking me if I would put one of my articles from Virtually London (lite) onto her Prim Perfect Magazine blog, which was nice of her.  Prim Perfect is a really successful SL Magazine and I must admit I am a little bit worried about tampering with other peoples blogs, but I managed to do it, so I can breathe again, phew!!!

New Modern House

January 20, 2009

My little piece of land is still a place I like to run back to, as it’s a place where only I and a selected number of close friends can get to, which in SL is a treasure indeed!  I had changed the living space over there quit  a bit, as I get bored with things after a while and like to try something new.  I had my last house, a free medieval house that I had picked up somewhere, for some time. and decided it was time for something different.   I still like the medieval house and will keep it safely in my inventory, although the floorboards inside did annoy me because they had not been scaled down enough and it looked like a giant’s floor! (one of my pet hates with builders not scaling things properly, doors with handles as big as your avatar!!).  I picked a shop from search and teleported over to look at the houses for sale.  I had thought about another period property but when I looked I was very taken with a modern design which was incredibly spacious inside and very light and airy.  It is quite difficult to judge the size of a house as the sim I looked at it in was a huge area, but I took a chance and thought it might fit my land.  It was only 500 Lindens too, quite a snip as it is all very well done and can be modified to suit my taste.  Well when I got back and unpacked the house, some of it rezzed onto the land and it was in two halves, the second half disappeared and was instantly put back into my inventory.   Because of the size of it, it had just gone over the boundary and that’s why it had been returned to me

I started again, this time shifting the whole thing over a bit and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts I got it together and the whole thing up.  Although it takes a lot of space  it is beautiful, it has two large bedrooms upstairs and a lovely balcony which overlooks the ocean, this will be my favourite spot!  The downstairs comes complete with the kitchen and has large floor to ceiling windows so you can sit in there and look out to sea as well.   I had a bit of fun choosing some wallpaper yesterday and I have furnished a little bit so far.  I will really enjoy sorting the rest of the house out, it’s true that changing things around really makes you feel better.  I invited Hibiscus and pixi over to see it and we had a good old natter on the balcony.



Hib and I went back over to the London sims after, and stood talking to Seany and Clive for a while.  Seany then declared that he had to go and get something to eat in real life, so went off and sought out a kebab, he did, however, decide to leave his avatar ‘in world’ and hoisted himself up on the belisha beacon to keep warm.  Quite a good idea on a cold evening!!!


Mandleson Av Text On CNN

January 18, 2009

I have now put the entire conversation on CNN when the Daily Mail entered SL with their spoof Mandleson Avatar, see http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-184691

Daily Mail Confess to Mandy Set Up!!

January 17, 2009

Daily Mail have confessed that they sent the fake Peter Mandleson avatar in to SL Knightsbridge.   You can see the article at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1120106/What-happened-took-Mandys-avatar-Second-Life.html   No idea why they left me out,  probably cos I said the av needed a makover and I asked what his link to the Mail was after reading his profile.  Good publicity for the London sim though, the article mentions Debs and Brie, well done you two!!   Now waiting to track the real one down when he comes in, bet you still never get to talk to him though.