New Year Fun with a New Engagement Too

We had a lovely time at the Underground Club New Year’s Eve.  Hibiscus and I had gone shopping for new dresses and Hib gave me some  money as a present and I picked a lovely wine coloured evening dress out, which I really liked.  Hib had a fantastic silver dress on and she looked beautiful, it had sequins that caught the light and a full long skirt.  Together we felt quite glam going out for New Year.  Drax joined us for a little while before he had to go out in rl and Captive, Roach and Natok also came along to make the party swing.  There were two live singers in the club and the place was packed out, it was a really good night.




The sim was packed with people and we saw the New Year in, it was great, Hibiscus and Drax were, of course, celebrating their own New Year’s Eve five hours on from our one, so they had a double good time.

A nice thing happened yesterday, I got a call from Debs Regent the owner of the London sim who told me that someone was just getting engaged in the street outside the Underground Club.  I hurried over there to see two London regulars Bernadette and Dougal with a small crowd of people round them.  Dougal was on his knees asking Bernadette to marry him.  How romantic at the start of the new year.  I will catch up with them later today for an interview for Virutally London (lite) and possibly CNN.


A Happy and Prosperous New Year to Everyone


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