Reporter Pixi and Dr Who Invades London

It’s a brand new year and things seem to be changing already.  I am having slightly more control over the Virtually London (lite) blog from now on and it’s going to be interesting for me to face new challenges, although I won’t go into what has happened, I love writing and editing the blog and hope to keep up the high standards that we already achieve on there.   We are never short of stories in the fantastic London sims, so the year ahead should be a good one.  There is another major change, until now it has just been Hibiscus Hastings and I reporting (with the exception of a couple of stories in the past), however, we are welcoming a brand new reporter to the London blog, pixi Piers.   pixi is new to SL as well as to reporting, but she is one of those people who, directly you meet her, you realise her potential and I am very pleased that she has accepted the job to join Hibiscus and I.


I had seen London manager Seany1235 Blinker early yesterday and he was doing his rounds of the SL London sim as a mounted police officer, and very smart he looked too.  I had gone to see the houseboats that had been advertised for rent, they are two decks instead of a single one, and nice and roomy inside.  I also noticed that they had reduced the rent on the narrow boats to 300 Lindens a week , which is better than before, so lets hope some people can afford a little place of their own now. 



Could have done with policeman Seany later on though, sometimes in SL London stories just unfold around you, and yesterday we had fun with Dr Who time lords invading the sim.  Hib and I hitched a lift aboard a Tardis.


You can read all about our adventure at


2 Responses to Reporter Pixi and Dr Who Invades London

  1. Drax Ember says:

    I read your article about the Tardis adventure (how do you pronounce it….TAR-dis or TAR-dies??) and it looked like you had a great time! Well done!!!

    Major congrats to you on your expanded role with that blog. You are a great choice and will do a fantastic job of keeping the SL Londoners up on all the current happenings!

    Congrats also to Pixi for joining you and Hib on the writing team! You will make a great writing trio!!!!

  2. Hi Drax,

    It’s TAR-dis and I have no idea where they got the name from but they are proving very popular in SL, Dr Who seems to have lots of SL fans. It was fun when they appeared!!

    Thank you for your comments about Hib, pixi and me. We are going through a strange time and it was lovely of Nikk Huet to give me the chance over the last year with this blog. I hope to do Nikk proud and keep it going with whatever improvements and additions that we can achieve to make it a great read.

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