Cool Linc Island Gig

I got a message from Arron Jacobus earlier yesterday that his tribute band were doing a Doors gig later that evening, 9pm (gmt) at Linc Island.   I thought I had plenty of time so I said I would get there.   I wanted to catch Hibiscus and pixi to discuss 2009 plans for the Virtually London (lite) site so intended to do that earlier if we could get together.  Hibiscus had trouble getting on line so it was later than I planned when we got together with pixi.  Drax dropped in to say hi and the time just vanished.  I got a teleport message from Arron and realised it was getting on for 9.30pm.  Drax said goodbye and went back to rl and Hib, pixi and me tp’d over to Linc.



There was a big crowd of people there all having a great time and it was very colourful, with the band looking very much like the Doors as Arron took the lead as singer Jim Morrison and it was going down a storm.



Arron and the group are putting some great gigs on in Linc Island, he told me they are playing there twice a week.   The evening seemed to have flown without me getting much done, but Hib, pixi and me will have plenty of time to sort things out.  SL London is getting so popular that 2009 looks like an exciting year to cover all the news from there, we feel blessed that we are a part of it.


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