Krazy in Audience in Live Show and Politicians In SL?

I had a message from CNN reporter Henry Hanks who told me that KrazyKizza Carling, one of our ireporters, is going to be in the audience of the Celebrity Big Brother show.  Krazy is a great personality and has really done well since joining CNN, even makes films in SL and does his own talkovers on them.   I got in touch with Krazy and ask him if he minded me giving him a mention on CNN and I am pleased to say he agreed.  Your can read it at


I read in the Daily Mail today (an article by Benedict Brogen) that some New Labour politicians are in Second Life, Peter Mandelson, with contributions from Hazel Blears, Ed Milliband, spin (I take it spin means lies) doctor Alastair Campbell and former newspaper editor Piers Morgan.  Apparently it’s to step up preperations for the General Election.  I searched SL to see if I could find anything about them, I couldn’t, if Mandelson is in here his name is not coming up and there is no clue to an avatar name in the article.  I wonder what all this is about, will they have the bottle to talk to people, I doubt it, anyone could be using their avatars.  Perhaps they will set up a base in SL London, as it’s the main sim representing the real capital.  I had suspected that David Milliband, Ed’s brother,  may have been in SL before, as over a year ago he mentioned SL in a short tv interview, saying whoever he was talking about, might as well apply for an SL job and have more luck, or similar words to that.   You never know who you are meeting in SL and I would like to get the chance to ask them some questions, but I would not really believe that they would have the nerve to talk to people themselves, so I think this is just a load of hype.   Bye the way, thanks a lot Benedict Brogan, you ended the article with a reference to Second Life being known for its dubious moral standards, more newbies arriving asking for sex then, thanks a lot Benedict!!!


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