Greyhound Live Meet Up

Another real world meets pixel world happened last night at the real Greyhound Pub in Kensington Square and the virtual Greyhound in SL Kensington.  I had advertised the event a couple of days before in the Virtually London (lite) blog, and yesterday Debs asked me to do a poster to put around London, which I did.  Well the virtual pub had a large crowd, and some of them were actually at the real Greyhound too, people like Mal Burns whose av Malburns Writer was sat in the virtual bar with the real Mal making the link talking on the video.  There didn’t seem to be a great many people coming to the real camera last night, although we could hear that the real pub was packed, we didn’t even seen Kwame the landlord, but we did see Brie and Ruskin, as well as Mal,  which was really nice and they said hello and waved from the real pub.




Hibiscus and I had been there for quite a while and people dropped into the virtual pub throughout the evening, Drax said hello, Nikk arrived, but I never got a chance to talk to him, and later on pixi got there.  Hibiscus had to go to do an interview and I had to leave to put pixi’s latest article  on for Virtually London (lite) .  I am so lucky to have two such great people writing for the blog, Hibiscus who is a brilliant writer and pixi who has just started writing and is already stunning me with her work.  The link up, once again, was a success but it would have been nicer to see more of the people in the real pub being introduced on the screen, we did see some, and there may have been more after I left, anyway they all looked like they had a really good time.


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