Peter Mandleson Avatar in SL London

Well it always happens to me doesn’t it!!  I stood chatting in SL Knightsbridge last night when this strange looking newbie approached.  He stood nearest to me and I had a close look, the av had big dark marks around his eyes and looked like he had gappy teeth.  His hair was not properly on and you could see bits of baldness over his head and his name was Peter Mascarenhas. Above his head his group tag said Peter Mandleson.  I profiled the av as I stood there and he had Peter Mandleson Fan Club as the group name!!!  I instantly thought this was someone skylarking about, as part of his profile mentioned the link to the Daily Mail about the article they had written about New Labour coming into SL.  The avatar looked like a corpse or a vampire with his colouring and I truly thought it was someone who had made up an av to fit with the Labour Party story, sort of tongue in cheek, taking the p.    Then he started speaking and asked me what I thought and I said he looked like he needed a makeover, but at least he looked honest compared to the real one.  He started asking me political questions so I told him what I thought about how his Party had ruined the country and I got an urgent message from SL London Manager Seany and later sim owner Debs Regent asking me if I knew this was the real person.  That fired me up even more to give my opinion in respect of his questions, which he didn’t like.   He mentioned that he had better leave the area before he was lynched, although it was only me answering him, and I accused him of running away.  He said he had another appointment to keep.  I did say to him before he left that I was independent of the sims and my only presence in there is to report on SL London.  However I found out later that this avatar was not even the real Mandleson, but some sort of Press Officer testing the water.  Unfortunately for him I was the first person he had spoken to, I think they thought that people in SL  would all lay over and die and it would be so easy to get in there to influence people.

I can only say that if you see this av walking about, don’t waste your time, its highly unlikely that you will talk to the real Peter Mandleson, maybe he might talk to one in a hundred avs for a few minutes if they find an av who is going to agree with his every word, which some may do, but that’s up to them what they think about politics.  One worrying aspect though, he said

[14:06]  Peter Mascarenhas: Given that I look honest do you think I might make a good PM

[14:06]  Janey Bracken: no not a chance

Are we to believe that Mr Mandleson is thinking about running for the next Prime Minister, scary thought!!!!




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