Mandleson Av Text On CNN

I have now put the entire conversation on CNN when the Daily Mail entered SL with their spoof Mandleson Avatar, see


2 Responses to Mandleson Av Text On CNN

  1. Drax Ember says:

    This sure turned about to be quite an interesting affair. You called it right when you were suspicious at the outset. Must be the ‘reporters’ ESP that you have!!!

    Well done!

  2. Well suppose you could call it nosy really, hehe, but I do look at everyone I meet and can usually spot someting not quite right, but it was the ‘Peter Mandleson Fan Club’ group that cracked me up, I couldn’t imagine the real ‘Lord’ cough, cough!!! having that in his profile, plus the link to the Daily Mail, who are big critics of his, was strange, so all in all, along with the ugly av they had created, it looked like a spoof!!

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