New Modern House

My little piece of land is still a place I like to run back to, as it’s a place where only I and a selected number of close friends can get to, which in SL is a treasure indeed!  I had changed the living space over there quit  a bit, as I get bored with things after a while and like to try something new.  I had my last house, a free medieval house that I had picked up somewhere, for some time. and decided it was time for something different.   I still like the medieval house and will keep it safely in my inventory, although the floorboards inside did annoy me because they had not been scaled down enough and it looked like a giant’s floor! (one of my pet hates with builders not scaling things properly, doors with handles as big as your avatar!!).  I picked a shop from search and teleported over to look at the houses for sale.  I had thought about another period property but when I looked I was very taken with a modern design which was incredibly spacious inside and very light and airy.  It is quite difficult to judge the size of a house as the sim I looked at it in was a huge area, but I took a chance and thought it might fit my land.  It was only 500 Lindens too, quite a snip as it is all very well done and can be modified to suit my taste.  Well when I got back and unpacked the house, some of it rezzed onto the land and it was in two halves, the second half disappeared and was instantly put back into my inventory.   Because of the size of it, it had just gone over the boundary and that’s why it had been returned to me

I started again, this time shifting the whole thing over a bit and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts I got it together and the whole thing up.  Although it takes a lot of space  it is beautiful, it has two large bedrooms upstairs and a lovely balcony which overlooks the ocean, this will be my favourite spot!  The downstairs comes complete with the kitchen and has large floor to ceiling windows so you can sit in there and look out to sea as well.   I had a bit of fun choosing some wallpaper yesterday and I have furnished a little bit so far.  I will really enjoy sorting the rest of the house out, it’s true that changing things around really makes you feel better.  I invited Hibiscus and pixi over to see it and we had a good old natter on the balcony.



Hib and I went back over to the London sims after, and stood talking to Seany and Clive for a while.  Seany then declared that he had to go and get something to eat in real life, so went off and sought out a kebab, he did, however, decide to leave his avatar ‘in world’ and hoisted himself up on the belisha beacon to keep warm.  Quite a good idea on a cold evening!!!



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