Love Shopping!!

Of all the things I like about SL one of the best things is shopping!!  I have two SL weddings coming up soon, one this Saturday, Cleo Charlesville and Das Wade, two members of the London team are getting married (they are also engaged in real life too, so sweet!!) and there is another wedding next week, Bernadette Halostar and Dougal MacMoragh who I featured on CNN a week or so ago.  Of course I can’t just go to the weddings in something I already have, people might have seen the outfits before, even though my inventory is bursting at the seams with clothes!!  So Hibiscus and I went shopping, I don’t have to ask Hib twice, she is as bad as me, but she is an expert at finding bargains, quite a super- sleuth in fact!  I let Hib choose the shops and they are real high quality ones, so I was spoiled for choice!! I did get a couple of outfits and I can’t wait to wear my first one at Cleo and Das’s wedding, which I am sure will be a fantastic affair, as they seem to be people who only want the best.

The trouble is that Saturday night will be quite busy, the Underground Club are having a party for the Chinese New Year, so I will try to drop in there too just to take some pictures and have a dance or two.  There is to be a contest for the best Chinese costumes and Hib and I were on the case again today, picking up a couple of nice outfits from a Chinese sim.  It is fun dressing up and I took some photos for Virtually London (lite) for tomorrow to advertise the party.


I had a note from lovely Saffia Widdershins yesterday asking me if I would put one of my articles from Virtually London (lite) onto her Prim Perfect Magazine blog, which was nice of her.  Prim Perfect is a really successful SL Magazine and I must admit I am a little bit worried about tampering with other peoples blogs, but I managed to do it, so I can breathe again, phew!!!


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