Cleo and Das Wed and Dead Moggy

It was Cleo Charleville and Das Wade’s wedding on Saturday and I looked forward to seeing them on their big day.   I had bought a dress when I went shopping with Hibiscus a couple of days before, so I felt quite nice as I climbed the steps to the Kensington Building to join the congregation waiting to see the big event.


It was a shame that Hib didn’t get an invite, as she would have loved to have seen them, I have no idea if this was an oversight or just that they had too many guests as the sim was packed.  I did IM her a couple of times to keep her up to date with how it was going,  but it wasn’t the same as having her seeing it too. There seemed to be a bit of chaos at the beginning with people still trying to find where they should start their walk down the aisle, just like a real life wedding, people were milling about a bit, me being a bit bossy felt like getting them organised, but kept quiet, I was only a guest hehe.  After what seems like a long wait it did all work out though and was a lovely event.  I had terrible trouble taking pictures as my camera was more or less out of control due to the lag in the sim.  Cleo looked beautiful in her long bridal gown and Das looked very handsome in his suit.





The bridesmaids all looked lovely and included Brie and Debs.   I always envy Brie as she always look immaculate in SL and she looked really pretty as one of the bridesmaids.  Tiny Debs, who owns the sim, stood next to Cleo and she too looked very pretty as one of the attendants.


After the wedding everyone went up to the roof gardens where there is a restaurant (the roof gardens are a copy of the real thing in Kensington, and owned in real life by Sir Richard Branson).  There the couple cut the cake and had their first dance as SL man and wife.   It was a lovely wedding and I would like to thank Cleo and Das for inviting me along.

I met Drax yesterday and we were trying to decide on what colours I should use as I am re doing the apartment in SL Chelsea and want things different to the way they were before.  We didn’t get very far with the colour schemes and my mad bit of building (I was trying to create arches instead of ordinary doors, bit of a mess so far, hehe.  Anyway Drax suggested going dancing and we went off to a new place that he had seen hoping there would be a crowd there.   When we arrived it was only us and one other man, who I think was away from his keyboard, as he just stood there without saying a word.  We decided to have a Salsa anyway and thought more people might start arriving.  There was a little ginger cat walking around the dance floor and he kept coming over to us, not sure if he had his claws out or not, but he must have got in the way of my vast skirts as I did not see where he went.  Next thing he was laying on the floor at the side of us and I think I must have kicked him over by mistake.  Think it was time for a quick exit!



We decided to go to the Underground Club and when we got there they were having a 60’s best dressed contest, so we were a little bit overdressed, but had a great time anyway as we joined the line dancing to the sound of DJ Seany’s great music.



All in all it was a really nice weekend.  Bernadette and Dougal are getting married in SL next Saturday so I am looking forward to seeing their wedding.  SL London is getting to be the hot place for people getting married!


4 Responses to Cleo and Das Wed and Dead Moggy

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Congrats to Cleo and Das alnd also best of luck to Bernadette and Dougal with their nuptuals!

    Rick’s looked like it will be a nice place (the lag was minimal!) if they can attract some visitors. Perhaps we went at the wrong time. Or perhaps many SLers are allergic to cats and have to stay away!

  2. Well I might have done away with the cat! I didn’t see him about after that!! It did look nice there and it will be worth going back to see, I enjoyed our evening, thank you!!

  3. Drax Ember says:

    Let’s give it a try this weekend! If it’s still flat then the UGC sounds like a good alternative!

  4. Yes why not!!! hopefully the cat won’t get under my feet again!!! Have to sort out another one of my posh frocks!

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