Surprising Who You Meet!!

I took a break from writing and the London sims to go around SL being nosy, like I do sometimes!  I ended up at the meeting place Ahern where I usually stand in silence listening to the usual mob who gather and talk in voice very loudly trying to impress not only each other but all the poor little newbies who are walking around bumping into people.    I don’t go there much now, but for some reason it was fairly quiet, voice wise, although packed with people I have never seen before, and they were talking in text, suppose it was tea time for the usual crowd.  An avatar started chatting to me in text, he was very unusually dressed and standing just a little way away from me. He had white robes on with a gold belt, white top hat and no shoes and I could see from Mafiawl Mower’s profile that he had been around in SL even longer than me, since 2006.

He started off in chat asking if I would lend him L$300,000,000, and I jokingly agreed to, asking him if he would take a cheque.  He said he would and I said I had to wait for my new chequebook to arrive.  He suddenly tried to pay me L$300 and seeing the blue tag in the corner that I would have to accept to get the payment,  I instantly became suspicious that this was a scam to raid my account.  It’s happened twice before to me, although I did not lose my money because I realised on both occasions what was going on.  Then we got chatting in IM and he was very funny with a great sense of humour and I realised he was ok.  As he had been in SL so long I was curious to know if he was  creative and what he did in there.  He told me that he did build a little and asked if I wanted to see what he had been doing, so I said yes.  He gave me a tp and I met him over at his beautiful island, it was lush and green and nicely laid out with rocks and flowers.   He told me then that he had come into SL to promote is business, he has a real life game called Blag that has sold really well in the UK and he wanted to bring it to SL, so I was actually standing on Blag Island.   He has invented a teleport button there with lots of locations to visit and he took me up to the secret garden, complete with a cute greenhouse, for a look around.



Mafiawl showed me the dancefloor as well, that is hidden behind the waterfall and has an amazing spiral staircase going up the mountainside.



The island is quite amazing and I will go back to explore it all, there were quite a few places on there including a Star Trek part, so Trekkies would probably love that.


I told Mafiawl about the London sims and how real businesses are coming into there, so I hope he looks into that further.  I had a great time looking over the Blag Island sim and it was nice meeting Mafiawl with his wicked sense of humour.  It’s always nice to meet creative people in SL and like Mafiawl you can just see some people are bursting with ideas both in SL and real life, SL is a great platform for people to market their ideas. Mafiawl’s website for his real life Blag game is at


3 Responses to Surprising Who You Meet!!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Nice looking sim

  2. Mafiawl says:


    I am grateful for your comments – very good of you.

    The game is still being developed but I hope it will be in SL soon. In the meantime my sim remains open to everybody.

    Kind regards,


  3. Hi Maf,

    Lovely to hear from you! I hope the game is ready soon, please let me know when it is in SL. Your sim is beautiful btw, I hope people go there and enjoy it, I’ll come over for another visit with my friends soon!!

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