Apartment Makeover and Brie’s New Car

I had moved out of the apartment in Chelsea for a while, just concentrating on my other home and putting the new house up, which I am really pleased with (till I get bored with that!!).  I did miss my apartment in SL London though and being close to my friends there, although I have the office I can use, it’s not the same.  So a few days ago I moved back into the apartment and it meant I could plan something new, which is always a delight in SL.  I had put a couple of walls up in the middle section to create a bedroom before ,and sat and thought ‘what could I do a little different this time.’  I decided on still having the partitions there, but to make them into arches rather than solid walls.   Not the best builder in the world, I started to fiddle about cutting into the prims to get the effect I wanted and Drax called in to see what a hash I was making!!  He is always very kind and encouraging though, so I went on with things trying to get the effect I wanted.


In the end I did get a structure I liked, but with a round opening on one wall and a large round opening for the entrance on the other one, with a raised floor.  The trouble is that I only have 200 prims to play with there, and I could have made a lovely arch if I had prims to spare on it, but I needed them for the furniture as well.  Instead of a bedroom its now a relaxation area with scattered cushions and I picked beige, lilac, mauve, pinks and blues for the overall colours.  I built a couple of benches either side of the middle section and went to a lovely shop called Jojo’s to get some cushions complete with ‘sit poses’.   Trouble is Jojo has such lovely stuff that I bought another three peice suite while I was there, and the beauty of it is, is that you can touch each cushion to change the fabric to match your colour scheme.  I installed a large Tiffany glass window covering the ugly grey balcony wall which has really brightened up the apartment.



I invited pixi and Hibiscus over for a chat and I must admit I feel pleased with the colours and furniture, for how long though I don’t know, I do like changing stuff! but then in SL it’s not a problem.  


After all that decorating I went over to Knightsbridge later on and met friend Brie Janick, the London Director.  Brie told me she had a new car, a mini with a Union Jack Flag painted on the roof.  Next thing she got the car out and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride.  It was a lovely car, very trendy and I sat in the passenger seat while Brie took off.  Brie is a much better driver than me, although she says she has only managed two gears so far, but nonetheless at least she stayed on the road most of the time. 



The car made some great noises too, the engine revving when she was on the straight, but if she hit the corner a bit hard, knocking the kerb, there was the sound of breaking glass, so funny!!  Anyway Brie is hoping that the guy who makes the cars will open a shop in the London sim and I must admit I am tempted to get one!!  Think I need a few driving lessons first though!!!




2 Responses to Apartment Makeover and Brie’s New Car

  1. Drax Ember says:

    The apartment looks fabulous. You’re just as good at decorating as you are at reporting (and that’s top notch!!!!!) The color scheme is wonderful, and the arched area you created for sitting is a thing of beauty. Good job!

    That mini looks like fun!!!!!

  2. Awww thank you!! you are always so nice to me!!!

    May consider a mini!! perhaps I would have more control with that one!! (doubt it though!)

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