Newbie or Boobie!

Now that SL Hyde Park is a ‘Gateway’ for new people to come into Second Life, I have been going over to see if anything unusual is happening.  Mate Hibiscus Hastings joined me for a chat as we stood on the pathway.  A couple of new people turned up, but one of them, his name was Tomas, had no clothes on.  Not an unusual sight, but I warned him that he had better get dressed or the sim managers would ban him.  Sim managers Brie and Seany have lost count of the amount of nude avatars they have chased out of the sim, so it seems to be some peoples’ idea of a bit of fun.   Tomas was having none of it though, I told him he looked daft and no one was shocked.  He did put some clothes on for a few seconds and I passed him some hair to wear and he put that on without asking how.  So I assumed he was not new at all.


Poor Tomas was not getting enough attention, he took off his clothes again and started to change shape, making himself as ugly as possible.  We were joined by more newbies and one of them, Nat, even commented on nudie Tomas. 


Tomas grew increasingly frustrated and ran around in circles trying to knock us off our feet.


Nothing was working out for him so he started spamming chat, by this time it was clear that he was probably a griefer, so we all muted him.  It’s great when you mute someone like that, they turn all grey and you can’t see any chat coming from them.  We all carried on talking while he stood in the middle looking silly and grey, until he finally gave up and disappeared into the blue yonder to stalk someone else.  He was more like a Boobie than a Newbie!


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