Newbies from Eastern Europe

When I put a post on CNN about the  SL economya few days ago, I had some comments from another ireporter, Linda, that there was a decline in the numbers of newbies coming into SL.  I just can’t see it myself as the figures have gone up by over 10,000 log ins each night.  Linda has been doing her sums and I wouldn’t argue with her, but I don’t really see things the same way as she does, and I would like to see the Lindens defending themselves a little too.  Anyway, to add to SL London’s growing traffic there was a tv program about SL in Eastern Europe, so I have been told, and suddenly the gateway in Hyde Park is buzzing with new arrivals.  It’s a good job that the London Team are so good and really helpful people, (like SL Mentor Menolly Riederer) to make them all welcome.


I have no idea what the program was based on, but one new guy was going around asking all the girls for sex again today and Seany warned him then booted him out of the sim, luckily most of them seem to be ok though.  It does seem like a lot of them come into SL looking for girlfriends, so the nice ones will probably settle down once they realise how things work.  Of course you always get the dotty ones who dress up to shock, like the creepy guy in the next picture,  suppose it would be interesting to see how he develops in a few weeks time ,when he think he ought to look normal to fit in.


It’s good too that an SL gadget is able to translate from one language to another, as we have a lot of people who can’t speak English arriving.   Good way to learn it, if thats what they want to do.  I might start asking them why they picked the London sim, could this be a reflection on many of them wanting to come to London in real life? maybe!



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