Fun in Africa!

It’s been nasty weather in real life for quite a few days now, and the nicest thing about SL is that real life weather doesn’t matter, you can just teleport off to any warm place that you feel like.  I met Drax the other day and we decided to go exploring.  We started out with the city of Krakow and went over to the crowd there to say hello.  They were very nice and the ones who could speak English had a good humoured conversation with us.  We carried on to Paris and joined the large group of people who spoke in French to each other, and only one answered when we asked if they spoke English and then he said only a very little.  Hmmm, well suppose you can ‘t blame them for not wanting to lose their language, but it would have been nice to chat, as I am sure most of them do speak English, better than my French anyway!!

Drax decided on somewhere completely different and we teleported off to Africa and it was lots of fun.  There is a big river running through the middle of the sim with a lovely waterfall at one end.  We spotted a rubber tube in the water and hitched a ride.



Good job Drax has big strong arms as he paddled furiously along the river trying to avoid the crocodiles.  In the end one caught up with us and capsized the tube.  Not to be beaten we hitched a lift on the croc, he didn’t seem to mind.



Finally the croc shook us off and we swam across to a Giraffe and some Hippos, for a better view all around the sim we sat on the Giraffe who just carried on eating, surprising how tame the animals are there!!


Drax was starting to get hungry, he was looking at all those animals thinking they would probably taste good in a hamburger, so we headed inland.  He spotted a drum and played it, making an awful noise and frightening all the animals away, he was happy though!!  We had a great time there and it’s a nice place to wander around, we even spotted a couple of people in a hot air balloon overhead, so there was probably a lot more to see there.  It’s a place we would go back to and we had a nice time.



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