Packed CNN and Happy Rez Day Cappie

Hibiscus and I got a message from the SL ireporter’s group that there were to be two CNN meetings last night and as Henry Hanks was taking the first one and Nicole Saidi the second I thought I would try to get to both meetings.  It was also my friend Captive Latte’s first Rez Day so I wanted to get over for her surprise rezday party as well.  I got all dressed up when I first logged on so that I could just go over to the party from the meeting.  Well the meeting has picked up pace and there were lots of avs there, inluding Nicole as well.  Henry took the floor and made a valiant effort with all the new people there, who spoke with their own agendas, Henry did well though.  After the meeting Hib and I went over to the party at Caps home and waited with Roach and the other guests for Cappie to get home.



I haven’t been to Murray for ages and it was nice to see some of the old crowd there.  Little Nazna was there but unfortunately crashed before I could get her picture and there was Gunter, Natok, Tah, Dave and Garic among the crowd waiting for Cappie to make her entrance.  Cappie finally arrived, and didn’t she look just great!! she had a bunny girl outfit on and she looked so glam.



Everyone soon started dancing and having a great time, Roach had done the place up so nicely with party balloons and a bar, he really did her proud.






I had a lovely time at the party and wished Cappie a very happy Rez Day and I hope she has many more, her and Roach are such a lovely couple!!  I hurried on over to the second meeting at CNN and was surprised to see even more new people turning up.  Nicole started the meeting but regretfully for me I had to leave so only stayed for 15 minutes.  When I looked at the CNN site after, I realised that there are lots of ireporters, who report on real life events, now making their way into SL and getting involved with us ‘in world’ lot.  So from being only a few of us faithful ones at the meetings, from now on I suspect Nicole and Henry will be playing to a packed house.  Nice for them though, it’s what they want and it’s all taken off for them, well done you two!!


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