Teagan Linden and the Gang Give Free Kisses

It’s Valentines day and I wondered if anything was going on in SL.  I logged in and had a chat with Hibiscus and after she left for real life I started to wander around exploring a bit.  I then saw a group conference come up in chat and Natok , a member of the group, told everyone that the Lindens were at an Island giving out kisses.  At first I didn’t bother, but then decided I might as well have a look.  I teleported over and to my surprise landed near the lovely Teagan Linden who I had met before when she showed me and Headburro around the haunted asylum.  Teagan had been really nice and remembered to send me on a Linden bear with a few other bits and pieces, so it was good to say hello to her again.  She had amazing hair that kept changing colour, she was too busy for me to ask her where she got it, but it was really colourful. 


The sim was done up with Valentine Hearts and flowers and stuff and looked great.  Teagan said she had to go off and find a booth where she was to give out her free kisses. I flew around, although the lag was bad, I manage to see her giving out kisses.  Teagan being a Neko, half cat and half human didn’t even mind kissing a large mouse which he enjoyed immensely.




I saw Catherine Linden in the next booth and I asked her if I could have a Linden bear and she was very nice and sent me one, I have quite a collection now, thanks Catherine!!  She too was busy giving out kisses!


Next to arrive was Niko Linden, he looked very cute as a Neko and I did ask him for a bear, but there was a lot going on and he never answered, perhaps he doesn’t have any to give out though.   He stood chatting to everyone and joined the other Lindens to kiss people.


I spotted another Linden I had not seen before, Spike Linden (in the black tee shirt below) and went over to where he was.  He had quite a few people around and I asked him for a bear as well, and he kindly sent me one, thanks Spike.  Sorry though Spike!! I started a stampede as all the people around wanted bears as well then!!


I then got a message saying if I IM’d Cupid Linden I would get a Valentines gift.  So without wasting time I got in touch with her and she sent me some presents.  How nice of her to do that.  I spotted Cupid at one of the booths and decided to ask for a kiss as I’m sure Cupid is a special Avatar and only comes out once a year, I wonder which Linden plays Cupid!!  It was a fun thing for them to do and I got some great bears and gifts, thanks guys!!!




4 Responses to Teagan Linden and the Gang Give Free Kisses

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Is this something they do every year? I never heard of it before?

  2. No neither have I, but maybe we just missed it, it was fun to meet them all though!

  3. Teagan Linden says:

    It was great to see you again Janey! Such a nice blog entry, thank you 🙂
    We do the valentines day event every year, yes – at the only-open-once-a-year Isle Of View. There’s Cupid Linden for Valentines day – see if you can catch TrickOrTreat Linden on Halloween!

    Oh and – send me an IM inworld and I’ll share the secret of my automagically colour changing hair. 😉

  4. Hi Teagan,

    It was nice to see you again as well, you looked great with that hair!! I will certainly send the IM so you can tell me! I enjoyed the Valentine Day event, it was a lot of fun, I’ll make it to the Halloween one too if I can.

    Best Wishes
    Janey 🙂

    PS I’ve still got your coffee cup on my SL Desk!!!

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