Magazine Event with Brilliant Winston Ackland

I had an invitation sent to me by publicist Jura Shepherd to attend an event put on by Role Magazine who are opening a gallery at their sim, which is a lovely idea.  The guest singer for the opening night was Winston Ackland, the real life singer who recently got a contract with 20th Century Fox for part of the soundtrack of the film Marley and Me, which was released Christmas day in the States. Jura herself writes for Role Mag and it’s one of the quality Second Life papers.  I should have contacted Jura to ask what to wear, it was my own fault, I have just been so busy that I didn’t do it.  Jura is lovely and she would have told me, but left to my own devices I thought that an opening night would mean formal wear, so I dug out a long red gown from my inventory and some sparkly jewellery.  I teleported over to the sim and landed in an isolated spot.  I saw the crowd was over to one side and when everying rezzed I made my way over.   There I was greeted by Winston’s lovely wife Sesi and her friends.  Too late, I looked at them all and they had smart day clothes on, each looking like something out of the Magazine, but not over the top like me in my evening dress.  Does this matter in SL, well yes it does a bit, you can still feel a bit daft, lol.  I had the choice, disappear and come back in something else, swap my clothes discretely there or just ignore it and carry on.  As they had all seen the dress ,I guessed the best option was to just carry on.



Jura turned up just after me and she looked stunning in her sexy clothes and thigh length boots, other people turned up in smart casual as well, only one other girl had an evening sort of outfit on and that was short at the front!!



Winston came on and it was a wonderful atmosphere as he started to sing, he was really nice and acknowledged everyone there, inluding me, but alas he kindly said I looked nice in my long red dress! no hiding it then, hehe.   Winston’s performance was amazing, choosing some of his own great songs and mixing them with an array of cover songs to suit everyone, and his style really went well with them all, making them his own.  Winston’s audiences and the people from Role Magazine seem a really nice crowd and the evening went well.  I will have to go back to take a look around the gallery they have opened as they are featuring two artists this month and it looks very interesting.



And the dress, well doubt if anyone was interested in looking anyway, it’s only SL, but goes to show you can still feel embarrassed even dressed in the wrong pixels!!  I will definately ask next time, but thanks for sending me the invite Jura and best wishes to Sesi and Winston who made it a fabulous night.


2 Responses to Magazine Event with Brilliant Winston Ackland

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Looks like it was a wonderful event – I’m looking forward to seeing some of them in the future!

  2. Yes I had a lovely time there and hope to go to some more with you!!

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