Ringing In My Ears, The Names Bond, James Bond!!

Been a funny old week.  Tried to get to two CNN meetings and was late for both, and being that they are only running for half an hour I was very late coming in at the end, apologies to Nicole and Henry!  They have huge crowds there now though, so doubt they missed me much.  I couldn’t really understand what was going on, it seemed at the end of each of the meetings we were ushered over to the car lot to look at someones car there, no idea if he is making them to sell in SL, or simply pleased with it, bit odd for a CNN meeting though, think a lot of the ireporters are newbies as well and they all want to be heard.


I love my apartment in Chelsea and like to go back there for a bit of peace and quiet.  I have my two goldfish for company and they don’t make any noise except for the occasional splash!  Just lately there has been a phone ringing somewhere in the block.  It didn’t go all the time so was hard to pinpoint where it was coming from.  I asked Clive he lives above me but he didn’t know.   Anyway I finally tracked it down to the penthouse suite where a film crew had moved in to make an SL movie.  I had heard them talking about the film, which is a spoof James Bond one, and it all looked like they were going to a lot of trouble and doing things properly.  


I saw the main actor had arrived, his name is Rosco Teardrop, so I asked him if he knew about the phone ringing and he looked around and spotted the phone on the side.   I asked him about the movie and if they had a press release so that I could include it in Virtually London (Lite).  He told me that this was a proper Internet movie and that it would be included in the SL London Festival of Art which starts in SL London today.  He was very nice and later apologised for the phone ringing, I hadn’t minded once I knew where it was coming from.  Someone once left a fruit machine in the flat above which made noises all day, but they did do that just to be annoying.    Anyway, the film is great and you can see it at http://www.pookymediafilms.com/



6 Responses to Ringing In My Ears, The Names Bond, James Bond!!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    I like my Bond articles shaken, not stirred.

  2. You must be the ‘man with the golden gun’ Scares ‘the living daylights’ out of me, hehe

  3. Pinkie Delcon says:

    What are you two like…haha!!!Nice to see somethings don’t change 🙂

  4. Hi Pinkie!!!!

    Yes nothing has changed with us two, I am the sane one and Drax is totally bonkers!!! (or is it the other way about!!!) 🙂

  5. Russell Boyd says:

    Hi Janey, yes, so sorry about the phone, all those messages you know 😮

    Nice picture btw, and glad you got one when I was decent.

    Big thanks to Asha Tripsa for letting us use her apartment for the filming!


  6. Hi Rosco,

    Yes you did get a lot of messages, hope you went back to see all those ladies!! and your Mum! Sorry, took a crafty picture, but I did avert my eyes if I spotted the Union Jack underwear!!

    Loved the film, it’s brilliant, wish you great success with it.

    Best Wishes
    Janey 🙂

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