Art and Mayhem in London sims and Freddie Mercury Lives On!

It’s the start of the SL London Festival of Art which carries on over the week.   I put a few of my pictures in the Mayfair bit of SL London, first time I have ever entered anything there, but it’s fun. There have been quite a few artists displaying their work and also there are London themed pictures in sl Knightsbridge and Machinima films to see in SL Kensington, so it should be an interesting week.  See Virtuall London (Lite) for my first day of the write up.  While you are at it please click on my new google ads to see what’s on offer, they looks like they have linked Virtually London (Lite) to some good stuff!!


One thing continues to amaze me about the London sims though, I have to chase most of the stories up each week, which I must admit I enjoy doing,  but I question why the people who work there fail to promote coming events by letting me know.  I happened to see, by chance, that they were opening the club in SL Mayfair again, re-naming it and hiring new staff for a totally new clubbing experience.  They named it ‘Mayhem’ and I only stumbled on this the day before it opened, too late for me to promote it on the London Blog,  and it seemed they were struggling to get people there on the opening night. How daft is that!   I chase stuff up all I can, but it would be so easy for them just to give me a heads up on a note card.  It’s not the way I would do things, but I suppose everyone is different.


I found a great gig in SL and went over with Drax to see it.  It was a tribute band miming to a recording of a live ‘Queen’ concert and it was  for the War Child charity in real life.  The sim was packed out with people to bursting point, even after his death Freddie Mercury can still draw the crowds.




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