All At Sea Then Clubbing Again!

SL does some strange things, I only tried to sit on the chair in my apartment and I went off into the sea with bits of someone else’s apartment.  I often wonder if the Lindens do this sort of thing for a laugh!  I tried going back into ‘appearance’ as this sometimes zooms you back to where you are supposed to be, but it didn’t work this time, even if it did, you still end up with a slide instead of a walk or a quick waddle and then a slide, oh well, re-log and hope for the best!!



I’ve been trying not to spend lately, I can get carried away in SL, so many lovely things to buy and I have been trying to save a bit to keep Virtually London (Lite) ticking over, so I shouldn’t even have gone to the BareRose store, let alone buy anything.  But there it was this beautiful evening dress, so cheap and in about 4 different colours all for 15o Lindens.  Well as I was going out clubbing again (Ruskin was dj’ng in the Mayhem Club) I decided to treat myself.  Glad I did, it’s a nice dress and I can wear the other colours to other events.



Some of the Murray crowd were there at the club and it was lovely to see them, I must pop over to Murray soon, it’s been ages.  Captive and Treasure looked really glam, Cap had similar hair to me, only on her it looked really good, she has a knack of looking like an SL model, Treasure does as well, they both looked fantastic.  Little Nazna  turned up in a sort of wolf outfit and she said she was supposed to look evil.  Sorry Naz, you still looked cute!



Hibiscus looked really great in a new dress too, she always has new clothes, having a real talent for shopping and getting lots of bargains from good quality places.  There was quite a crowd in the club, Ruskin did really well as a dj and looked like he was really enjoying himself as well.  We had a brilliant time and the Mayhem club was rocking!!




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