Arabian Horse

March 31, 2009

Well I went out and got my new horse!  He is absolutely beautiful, he’s a black Arabian Stallion and I have no idea what to name him yet.  Zephyr and Jahdo of the Lone Star Ranch are still making some fantastic horses and equipment and there are loads of horses to pick from.  The Arabian Stallion caught my eye when I went over there last, and I am so pleased I got him.


Not only do you get the horse with the saddle, they also provide an unsaddled horse too, I rezzed them to the ground to take a look, and it’s a nice option to have either of them.




Happy Rezday To Me!

March 30, 2009

Suppose its quite an achievement in SL celebrating your 2nd Rezday, you do see some av’s about who started in 2005/2006, vary rarely though, and you see many more like me who started in 2007, but most people you meet have much newer dates.  I’m still learning, you would think I would know everything by now, but no, I’m still slow on the uptake with lots of stuff , and things have altered over the last couple of years so there is always something new.  What did I do? I spoke to friends which was nice, then I went off wandering.   Funny enough I found a little church, I’m not religious, but it was a really pretty sim all snowy and wintery with deer dotted here and there.  It was called St Georges Orthodox Church and it was a nice place to sit and think.




There are little places around the sim you can relax in and the view is lovely.  It is a hotspot in the showcase part of SL and I’m glad I had a look around.


I’d been over to one of the stores before that and bought myself a new hairstyle as it was so reasonable over there, ETD is catching on big time as they do nice quality stuff for the money.  So that was my rezday treat.


Second thoughts though, 2 years is a long time in SL and a cheap hairstyle isn’t enough to celebrate it.  Today I’m going to treat myself properly, I’m going over to Lone Star Ranch to buy myself that black Arabian Stallion that I saw and wanted a couple of weeks ago!!  Happy Rezday Janey!!!

Monet’s Gift And In The Asylum

March 28, 2009

I logged on the other day and there waiting for me was a wonderful gift from my friend Monet Fitzgerald.  Monet is so skilled at building and turns out luxury Items.  It was the most fantastic boat with instructions on how to rez it and also sail it.    I went to the place she advised and rezzed this magnificent vessel, which looks like it is built for speed as well.  I also rezzed it outside my apartment block at the wharf and SL never fails to amaze me that you can pick up an object of any size and turn it around till it fits!!  The boat was so big it only just went into the jetty.  I have to catch up with Monet about sailing it though, she has not been well in rl and I wish her a speedy recovery.



I’d been talking to Seany1235 Blinker and TD Reinard the other day, when they were showing me the new Underground Club in SL London.  TD then started to rez some vehicles into the area, an old yellow taxi cab and an old knocked about bus.  He said he got them for free from a place that gave away stuff made by Arcadia Asylum.  Well the name rang a bell with me, I had seen a big pile of slot machines being burned at the hobo site in SL and I remembered that Arcadia had built them when I inspected them.  Then yesterday I saw Seany and he gave me a landmark for a museum that had Arcadia’s stuff on show (Arcadia by all accounts has left SL, but I wonder who she really is, her stuff is so professional and I can’t think that she would have just given it all up).  I went over for a stroll around and indeed you can get lots of free stuff from the site, it is all grungy urban stuff though, but is very cleverly done, graffiti and all sorts.



Seany came over to join me to have a look around, I picked up some textures, an old beat up lorry and a sweet little sewer rat that I let out in the apartment to keep my goldfish company.  Arcadia is very intriguing, her profile is still on SL and I wonder if she is actually a Linden.  Are there people around who know who she was? and why did she leave?  All the same she is very talented and has left some amazing stuff for future SL generations.




Teagan’s Hair Secret and Pixi’s Present

March 24, 2009

When I saw Teagan Linden on St Valentine’s day she had remarkable hair, it kept changing colour and I thought it looked very nice and mentioned it to her.  When she commented on this blog yesterday she said I could IM her to find out about the hair, so dead curious I left a message for her last night.  Anyway she came back to me today and told me the secret of the hair and sent me a little gift so that I could have multi-coloured hair too!!  I’m not telling what it is, but it works really well, I love it.  The colours are really nice and you don’t have to worry about your hair matching your clothes because it will in a minute or two!!  Teagan you are a star!! thank you!!


Pixi Piers our new reporter has worked really hard for ‘Virtually London (lite)‘ and now for the new blog ‘Our Virtual Trilogy’.  She is so enthusiastic and loves writing, we love her work too, which is not only rich with information, but also has a spark of her natural humour running through it.  Along with excellent writer and friend Hibiscus Hastings, I think we have the balance about right with the three of us reporting for both blogs.  Pixi gave me a present the other day for starting her off with the writing in SL, and I just wanted to say ‘thank you Pixi,’ it’s my pleasure to have you on the team!!  Here is the present (pictured below), that Pixi sent me, its a beautiful orb marked like the planet Earth and looks lovely in my apartment.


Clubs In SL London

March 22, 2009

I seem to spend a lot of time in the Clubs in SL London lately.  I like the music, most of the time and it’s nice when you know lots of people who regularly go to the clubs.  Thursday nights has Ruskin Thor as dj at the Mayhem Club in SL Mayfair.  Quite a few Murray people turn up and it’s nice to see them.  It’s turning into a regular Thursday night thing now and I think Rus really enjoys himself as well.   I’m not sure if there are divided camps in SL London though, as I go to the Underground Club, (which has just been re vamped and looks fantastic) and it seems that the people who go there never seem to go the the Mayfair Club and vise versa.  Could there be a bit of a rift in the London team, who knows, but they do seem to run the two clubs sometimes with events clashing.



the new UGC is very light and modern and has a few different stages the dj’s can use.  Last night they had one with a Union Flag draped around it which looked great.  I’m hoping they will hold a St Geroge’s day event on the 23rd April, I wonder if they could do the same to the stage with the St George’s flag, which would look really good.


Drax joined us in the new club and he thought it looked good too, the builder TD Reinard has been in a few times dancing as well, he must feel pretty proud of the way it looks, he is very clever with his designs.



Been getting some strange characters dropping in too, but last night there was a cute one, a little hamster in a glowing orb.  I’m not sure what he was doing in the club or why he had the orb, but he looked happy enough.


I put a few more characters on the new blog www.ourvirtualtrilogy.blogspot.comsome of which were a little strange.  It’s nice to have a couple of clubs in SL London, in the beginning I was unsure if another club was viable, but it looks like the Mayfair one may fill a few of the gaps in the schedule that the UGC might miss.

New SL News Blog!

March 21, 2009


Well we have been writing for the Virtually London (lite) about the London sims, and love every minute of it!!!  Now we are spreading our wings with an additional news blog covering all of the grid, short little snippets and photos of day to day oddities and funny bits, plus some sad bits or whatever bits we can find.  Read all about us three SL reporters, Hibiscus Hastings, Pixi Piers and Janey Bracken, as we get into all sorts of scrapes (nothing new there then, hehe!!).   See us at Our Virtual Trilogy as well as our Virtually London (lite) and bring on the comments, we love em!! (mind your language though!!)

St Patrick’s Day in SL

March 18, 2009

I must admit I don’t normally do much about St Patricks day as I’m only a quarter Irish so St George’s Day is more prominent for me.  However, people had gone to lots of trouble in SL for St Patrick’s day and oddly people in other countries seem to claim it as their own too.  I went over to Knightsbridge with Hibiscus, and Seany was showing me the Underground club that they were kitting out for the evening with shamrocks and all sorts, it looked very pretty.  Elizabetta Westland and Seany both had great St Patrick’s day hats on and Seany asked if we wanted to go over to the sim and get one, so we agreed and off we went.


We got some hats too, they were well made for the money.  Hib had to go off to rl and Elizabetta decided to buy a new outfit for the evening instead of her long dress.  She looked very sweet when she came out of the shop, she had a short little skirt with a country type theme to the costume.


Seany passed around a gesture called ‘riverdance’ and we all jigged about to the sound of riverdance music stomping our feet, it all looked hilarious.


Later that evening Hib came back on and we went over to the Underground Club which was really packed out, almost everyone was dressed in green and had got in the mood for celebrating St Patrick’s Day.


Hib and I left half way through to go to a CNN meeting.  There were a few people there and some people who were trying to get on, training as real life journalists, so I suppose it’s a good place to start talking to the CNN reporters.  Nicole led the discussion and then decided we should all take a field trip out to an Irish sim.  She sent the landmarks all around but missed Me and Hib and a couple of others, leaving us stranded!  She hadn’t done it on purpose, but it was funny, I have no idea how she keeps up with things as she does the meetings while in work at CNN and you can hear lots going on around her there, as well as trying to hold the meeting together, it can’t be that easy.  Anyway I got in touch with Martyn from the group and he send me the landmark which I gave the others and we joined them in the sim.   It was very laggy there with all the celebrations and I didn’t stay long, but it was quite an interesting day with all the Irish celebrations.