Brie and Seany Celebrate!!

There are some nice people in SL and you couldn’t meet a nicer couple than Seany1235 Blinker and his SL wife Brie Janick.  I’ve written about their real life relationship for CNN and Virtually London (lite) before, as their SL romance has now spilled over into real life.  The got married in SL a year ago and to celebrate their anniversary they hired the SL Kensington building in SL London for a great party.  It was a fancy dress ‘do’ and I had been wondering what to wear, in the end I picked up a real bargain, a pink ‘bunny girl’ costume, complete with big ears! and it was only 75 Lindens.  My friend Hibiscus had left what she was wearing to the last minute and called me over to see what I thought, just before the party began.



Hib put on this beautiful green dress called ‘Spring’ and she tried it with her hair up and then with it down, but clearly wasn’t happy.  She settled in the end for a ballet type outfit which was absolutely gorgeous, plus some wings to go with it completed it nicely, so we were both ready to go.  While Hib was getting changed there was a notice from the SL London group saying that because it was the end of the Art Festival,  they were having a last night party.  What a shame to have that on the same night as Brie and Seany’s party, I have no idea why they arranged this but, most of London turned up at Brie’s, so I couldn’t really cover the Art one as well for the blog. 


The party was packed and there were so many different costumes, including Fred and Wilma Flintstone, which was great.  SL London owner Debs Regent had a little phantom horse av on and looked so cute when she was dancing!  Brie and Seany had ‘Alice in Wonderland’ matching costumes, Brie’s looked like it was styled on Gwen Stefani’s ‘What you Waiting For’ video oufit, really colourful.   They had guest singer Maximillion Kleene appearing half way through the evening and the crowd loved him, he is always awesome and worth going to see.  Congratulations Brie and Seany, great party! and hope you have many more very happy anniversaries.




3 Responses to Brie and Seany Celebrate!!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    I wish I could have come. I had my Peter Rabbit costume all ready!!!!

  2. Awww me too!!! we could have shared a carrot or two and danced the bunny hop!!! do miss the seal/dolphin dance though 😀

  3. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Oh yes, the seal/dolphin dance was greatly missed! It was still a wonderful party, though, and everyone looked fabulous.

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