Griefers Amock and CNN Meet

Hibiscus and I get quite a few people flying about outside our apartments in Chelsea, but the last few days we have been targeted by some alternative avatars trying to invade us.   I must admit, it is quite funny to see them, like flies against the windows trying to get in, buzzing around outside.   There was even a girl av who was using the animation that makes you appear and disappear again, bouncing in and out of both our apartments.  I left her a message and she said it was an accident and has even rented the apartment over the way, but we will wait and see, she too appears to be an alt from the same source, I’ve no doubt.  Suppose it would be boring without all this going on.  Hib and I had to call the London Team in to eject the first lot as they had got into Hib’s apartment, Seany did a great job.  Next day I got Feebe to get rid of a couple being a nuisance and she was great too.


Peace once more, as me and Hib had a large Margarita on the balcony!


I hadn’t been going over to the CNN meeting last night, as the last few weeks the crowd there had been taking it all over and it was a waste of time, a couple of us thought the same thing.  I got an IM from CNN Reporter Nicole a little bit after the start time, telling me that it was a small meeting this week and it had started already.  I never used to miss them, so I thought I would go over and see what it was like, and it was back to normal again.  It seems they had been ‘show casing’ the meetings before, so lots of people had been turning up that really seemed to have no intention of writing stuff.  It’s funny how those people always seem to have a lot to say, but perhaps it’s just me not liking gobby people.  Henry holds an earlier meeting in the evening and Nicole says those are different, so perhaps some of those other people still go to that one.


I had put in a report this week about gemstone American Art, Lapidary having finally been noted by the Art World, and it was all thanks to amazing artist Dennis Paul Batt, who used Second Life to bring it to people’s attention.  Shame CNN didn’t put the story up front, as they chose other not so ‘history  making ‘ articles like one about the Mardi Gras in SL.  Dennis’s story is getting quite a lot of notice in spite of this though, and I am really pleased for him that this wonderful art form has been noted and accepted at last.



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