Hibiscus Fights to the End and Murray Reunion

Hibiscus and I were talking about role playing sims like Gorean cities yesterday, and I suddenly thought about sword fighting, remembering the fun I had playing Combat Cards, (a sword fighting game using a card deck for the moves).  I asked Hib if she fancied learning it and she said she did, so we went over to the arena where I used to fight (and lose quite a lot, lol).   I showed Hib the rules and said it was best to fight the robot in the beginning until she got the hang of it.  So off she went and tried to work out her moves.  She did very well for a first time, although the robot did win in the end, but she had a couple of duels with him.



As she was doing well I asked her if she would like to fight me and Hib agreed.  She did ever so well, I am a bit rusty, but it all came back once I started playing.  It was a close thing in the beginning but I managed to dispatch her in the end.  Not sure about after she has practised a bit though, think I had better watch out!!




After the match I got a message from Ruskin Thor saying that mate Pinkie Delcon was logged on.  Pinkie has been away for a while with real life things, although I did speak to her for a little while when she logged on a couple of weeks ago, so it’s nice to see her back.  Hibiscus and I went over to Murray where Pinkie and the rest of the Murray gang were.  It was really like old times with most of us there and it felt like home again.  I should go over more often as it was great, and with a bit of luck they are all coming to SL London tonight for a bit of clubbing.  Ruskin being the top DJ at the Mayhem Club!  The Murray mates got together for an unusual group photo before we all logged off for the night. 




2 Responses to Hibiscus Fights to the End and Murray Reunion

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Hey, I beat the robot the second time around!

  2. Hi Hib, Yes you did!!! and I’ll be hiding from you soon!!

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