Soho is Created and Woodstock Fun with Guns and Roses

It’s funny how you get used to places, spending a lot of time in SL London I use my map a lot to teleport around the London sims.  When I opened my map yesterday I spotted a brand new sim attached to SL Mayfair.  It hadn’t been there the day before, so with a bit of excitement I teleported over there to have a look.  I met Brie, Seany, Auti and Gerr and we looked around the new Soho Region that would join the rest of London very soon.



I went back with Drax later to show him,  and we climbed to the top of the hill and looked over the new sim which looked big without any buildings and things, very soon the London team will level it all out and start building.  We got out a rug and sat chatting which was nice, it will be the only chance to sit in the sim while it is peaceful, I can imagine Soho will attract many visitors.



Drax had to leave for real life and I went back to my apartment in Chelsea.   I got a message from Brie asking if I would like to go to a Woodstock gig with a tribute band for Guns and Roses playing.  It was lovely of Brie to get the tickets and most of the London Team were there.  Hibiscus and I teleported over and it was by ticket entry only, but the sim was absolutely full.



The band came down and mixed with the crowd, a nice touch, we all had a really fantastic time, thank you Brie!!!




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