Heaven Sent What a Hysterical Alt!!

I had been in my apartment last night chatting to Hibiscus and she was downstairs in hers, for some reason we chat between floors!  Anyway, I was scanning outside with my camera when I spotted a flying avatar coming into the sim in the distance.  I followed him and he made straight for Hibiscus’s apartment.  It was clear he knew where he was going as he looked like he was on a mission.   Hib was sitting on her sofa and he came right up to her window, rudely looking through and started to put on his ‘I’m only 2 days old’ Alt chat.  Well Hib and I were still chatting in IM and thought this was hilarious, he looked such a plonker in his little spaceman’s suit.



His name was Heaven and a Heavenly body he was not!!  Hibiscus joined in the fun as he asked her silly questions, making out she was being serious with him, as we both laughed like drains to each other in IM, Hib even suggested that she might need her wedding dress as this suitor looked like he might make good SL husband material.  He couldn’t hide that fact that he wasn’t an alt though, as he knew where to click to gain entry and cheekily sat on the sofa next to Hib.  I was out on the balcony above  using my camera for a laugh and got some great pictures.  He made himself at home, looking around Hib’s apartment and ignored her when she tried to show him the door.


Enough was enough and it was time to call Manager Seany to throw this very bad mannered alt out.  Seany is great and arrived to talk to Heaven (Heaven help us against alts, hehe)



Well thanks to Seany the daft little guy went on his way for now, though I suspect he will be back to bother Hib as I had counted up six visits he had made to the block, so he was definately targeting her, I think she may save her wedding dress for a real avatar with some charm instead of a rude alternative av like Heaven., (not that she is interested, she just keeps the dress to frighten them off!!).   Thanks Seany you are a star!!  And you Heaven, better acting next time, but you had me and Hib in stitches!!!


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