Magical Forest and Nothing changes

Sometimes, just like being in the real London, you get a bit fed up with the urban sprawl in SL and want to get away into the countryside.  I decided to look at some hot-spots yesterday and found a beautiful place called Chakryn Forest.  I teleported over there and it was perhaps the prettiest sim I have seen.  Where I teleported in, a small group of avs stood chatting, among them the most shiny large dragon I had ever seen in SL, Nila looked quite remarkable.  Also Shanti, a large black dog was there, who turned out to be very friendly when I stopped to chat with her.



The terrain was very steep with little paths snaking here and there, I climbed the hills and rocky slopes, finding little gifts like a glowing globe and a magical mushroom.  There were lots of places hidden away, I went deep into the water and below the waterfall there was a resting place where you could sit and ponder your day. (my day wasn’t that bad honest, lol)


Some people had dressed to match the look of the forest and the little pink faerie av looked so sweet there, it is a lovely place that you could take your friends to as I am sure there were lots more hidden nooks and crannies to the ones I found.  I did come across this giant glowing object which kept changing colour, quite fantastic to stop and look at, the imaginations of people in SL are awe inspiring sometimes.




After some time there I decided to go back to my apartment in SL Chelsea and spotted someone outside on my balcony.  He looked kind of creepy as he was still in a sitting/lounging pose, although he may not have realised that.  I walked over to the door and asked him what he wanted.  His name was baba and he told me he was just doing a bit of stalking.  I shrugged my shoulders and sighed ‘well that’s all right then’    As a passing he shot he said, ‘nice arse btw’ before he floated off down the road still in his sitting position.  Nothing changes does it!!



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