St Patrick’s Day in SL

I must admit I don’t normally do much about St Patricks day as I’m only a quarter Irish so St George’s Day is more prominent for me.  However, people had gone to lots of trouble in SL for St Patrick’s day and oddly people in other countries seem to claim it as their own too.  I went over to Knightsbridge with Hibiscus, and Seany was showing me the Underground club that they were kitting out for the evening with shamrocks and all sorts, it looked very pretty.  Elizabetta Westland and Seany both had great St Patrick’s day hats on and Seany asked if we wanted to go over to the sim and get one, so we agreed and off we went.


We got some hats too, they were well made for the money.  Hib had to go off to rl and Elizabetta decided to buy a new outfit for the evening instead of her long dress.  She looked very sweet when she came out of the shop, she had a short little skirt with a country type theme to the costume.


Seany passed around a gesture called ‘riverdance’ and we all jigged about to the sound of riverdance music stomping our feet, it all looked hilarious.


Later that evening Hib came back on and we went over to the Underground Club which was really packed out, almost everyone was dressed in green and had got in the mood for celebrating St Patrick’s Day.


Hib and I left half way through to go to a CNN meeting.  There were a few people there and some people who were trying to get on, training as real life journalists, so I suppose it’s a good place to start talking to the CNN reporters.  Nicole led the discussion and then decided we should all take a field trip out to an Irish sim.  She sent the landmarks all around but missed Me and Hib and a couple of others, leaving us stranded!  She hadn’t done it on purpose, but it was funny, I have no idea how she keeps up with things as she does the meetings while in work at CNN and you can hear lots going on around her there, as well as trying to hold the meeting together, it can’t be that easy.  Anyway I got in touch with Martyn from the group and he send me the landmark which I gave the others and we joined them in the sim.   It was very laggy there with all the celebrations and I didn’t stay long, but it was quite an interesting day with all the Irish celebrations.





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