Clubs In SL London

I seem to spend a lot of time in the Clubs in SL London lately.  I like the music, most of the time and it’s nice when you know lots of people who regularly go to the clubs.  Thursday nights has Ruskin Thor as dj at the Mayhem Club in SL Mayfair.  Quite a few Murray people turn up and it’s nice to see them.  It’s turning into a regular Thursday night thing now and I think Rus really enjoys himself as well.   I’m not sure if there are divided camps in SL London though, as I go to the Underground Club, (which has just been re vamped and looks fantastic) and it seems that the people who go there never seem to go the the Mayfair Club and vise versa.  Could there be a bit of a rift in the London team, who knows, but they do seem to run the two clubs sometimes with events clashing.



the new UGC is very light and modern and has a few different stages the dj’s can use.  Last night they had one with a Union Flag draped around it which looked great.  I’m hoping they will hold a St Geroge’s day event on the 23rd April, I wonder if they could do the same to the stage with the St George’s flag, which would look really good.


Drax joined us in the new club and he thought it looked good too, the builder TD Reinard has been in a few times dancing as well, he must feel pretty proud of the way it looks, he is very clever with his designs.



Been getting some strange characters dropping in too, but last night there was a cute one, a little hamster in a glowing orb.  I’m not sure what he was doing in the club or why he had the orb, but he looked happy enough.


I put a few more characters on the new blog www.ourvirtualtrilogy.blogspot.comsome of which were a little strange.  It’s nice to have a couple of clubs in SL London, in the beginning I was unsure if another club was viable, but it looks like the Mayfair one may fill a few of the gaps in the schedule that the UGC might miss.


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