Monet’s Gift And In The Asylum

I logged on the other day and there waiting for me was a wonderful gift from my friend Monet Fitzgerald.  Monet is so skilled at building and turns out luxury Items.  It was the most fantastic boat with instructions on how to rez it and also sail it.    I went to the place she advised and rezzed this magnificent vessel, which looks like it is built for speed as well.  I also rezzed it outside my apartment block at the wharf and SL never fails to amaze me that you can pick up an object of any size and turn it around till it fits!!  The boat was so big it only just went into the jetty.  I have to catch up with Monet about sailing it though, she has not been well in rl and I wish her a speedy recovery.



I’d been talking to Seany1235 Blinker and TD Reinard the other day, when they were showing me the new Underground Club in SL London.  TD then started to rez some vehicles into the area, an old yellow taxi cab and an old knocked about bus.  He said he got them for free from a place that gave away stuff made by Arcadia Asylum.  Well the name rang a bell with me, I had seen a big pile of slot machines being burned at the hobo site in SL and I remembered that Arcadia had built them when I inspected them.  Then yesterday I saw Seany and he gave me a landmark for a museum that had Arcadia’s stuff on show (Arcadia by all accounts has left SL, but I wonder who she really is, her stuff is so professional and I can’t think that she would have just given it all up).  I went over for a stroll around and indeed you can get lots of free stuff from the site, it is all grungy urban stuff though, but is very cleverly done, graffiti and all sorts.



Seany came over to join me to have a look around, I picked up some textures, an old beat up lorry and a sweet little sewer rat that I let out in the apartment to keep my goldfish company.  Arcadia is very intriguing, her profile is still on SL and I wonder if she is actually a Linden.  Are there people around who know who she was? and why did she leave?  All the same she is very talented and has left some amazing stuff for future SL generations.





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