Happy Rezday To Me!

Suppose its quite an achievement in SL celebrating your 2nd Rezday, you do see some av’s about who started in 2005/2006, vary rarely though, and you see many more like me who started in 2007, but most people you meet have much newer dates.  I’m still learning, you would think I would know everything by now, but no, I’m still slow on the uptake with lots of stuff , and things have altered over the last couple of years so there is always something new.  What did I do? I spoke to friends which was nice, then I went off wandering.   Funny enough I found a little church, I’m not religious, but it was a really pretty sim all snowy and wintery with deer dotted here and there.  It was called St Georges Orthodox Church and it was a nice place to sit and think.




There are little places around the sim you can relax in and the view is lovely.  It is a hotspot in the showcase part of SL and I’m glad I had a look around.


I’d been over to one of the stores before that and bought myself a new hairstyle as it was so reasonable over there, ETD is catching on big time as they do nice quality stuff for the money.  So that was my rezday treat.


Second thoughts though, 2 years is a long time in SL and a cheap hairstyle isn’t enough to celebrate it.  Today I’m going to treat myself properly, I’m going over to Lone Star Ranch to buy myself that black Arabian Stallion that I saw and wanted a couple of weeks ago!!  Happy Rezday Janey!!!


6 Responses to Happy Rezday To Me!

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Happy Rez Day Janey! 2 years is a long time in SL, but I am sure it has flown by just the same. Can’t wait to see the new horse.
    Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead.

  2. Drax Ember says:

    2 years – that’s like two lifetimes here! Thank you for letting me share so much of that time with you!

  3. Thanks Hib, friends like you make it a wonderful SL!!

    Thank you too Drax, I have loved every minute of sharing it with you!!

  4. Wheemzel says:

    Happy Happy Rez Day!!!! Have a great time with your new horse 🙂
    Big Huggggss!

  5. Douglas Quinn says:

    Happy Rez-Day, May you have many more.

  6. Thank you Wheemzel and Douglas!! 🙂

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