Arabian Horse

Well I went out and got my new horse!  He is absolutely beautiful, he’s a black Arabian Stallion and I have no idea what to name him yet.  Zephyr and Jahdo of the Lone Star Ranch are still making some fantastic horses and equipment and there are loads of horses to pick from.  The Arabian Stallion caught my eye when I went over there last, and I am so pleased I got him.


Not only do you get the horse with the saddle, they also provide an unsaddled horse too, I rezzed them to the ground to take a look, and it’s a nice option to have either of them.




2 Responses to Arabian Horse

  1. Cassidy says:

    Is this a game? What is it called if it is a game?

  2. Hi Cassidy, it’s a virtual world where you make your own way, it’s not a game as there are no rules or goals. It’s Second Life, you can find out more at

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