CNN Aerdrome Outing!

April 29, 2009

It was a bit of a lively CNN meeting last night, gradually people arrived and quite a few including Nicole, the CNN reporter, use voice now and I’m not sure if this is good or bad, as you get mics breaking up a bit, or people who talk more than others, but then you always had that problem with text chat with everyone chipping in.  One of the guys who arrived said he was making a video of the meeting and wanted to interview Nicole and Henry the other real reporter.  I will be interested to see if this happens, as I’m not sure they would want to do an interview with ireporters.  The guy, Jason,  hasn’t even been in SL very long, and I’m not saying he shouldn’t go for it, because if thats what he wants to do, that’s fine, but will the real reporters agree to being interviewed by someone who is a complete novice at SL and reporting,  I can’t wait to see if they agree and what it turns out like!  I’m also looking forward to his video that he said he was filming.  We all went off to Abbotts Aerdrome halfway through the meeting, well a few of us did, and Nicole told us all to look around with a view to doing some ireports.




I looked around and plonked myself into a couple of nice planes there, to be honest it’s not my sort of thing, but it’s very well done and the models are lovely, I bet a lot of people enjoy themselves who go there.  I can imagine a lot of the men avatars would really like it.



One of the good things at the Aerdrome is the SkyDive platform.  I’ve done skydiving before and got my terrachute on all ready, took off on the platform, then couldn’t remember the word you have to type in chat to get the chute to open, silly me!!! started plummeting to virtual earth at a high speed.  Cheated though and touched my Fly button, so landed softly among all the others without making a complete fool of myself!! don’t think they noticed, hehe!!



Opportunity for SL Musicians

April 27, 2009

I was honoured to be invited to a great sim called TRAX the other day by Lilly Bracken, she invited me over to meet Bones Writer and Tangle Giano who are helping people to start a musical career by offering the best advice possible, Bones is a real life musician with 30 years experience playing with some of the top names in showbiz.  Read all about TRAX at


Max settles in!!

April 26, 2009

Funny having the little cat Max running around the house, I didn’t realise at first that you have to look after him properly to make him grow.  Being a previous owner of a tamagotchi dog, the little keyring sized game where you had to keep the animal alive by feeding it etc on time, I should have realised that Max would need some loving care too!!  First thing I have learned is how to feed him, he has a massive bowl of cereal and eats the lot of it.



Then he has to have a bath, gets suds everywhere, but he does look cute!!



You can leave him in your home to roam free and he will sleep most of the time, but I just couldn’t shake him the other day, I set him to roam then teleported downstairs to the street only to find that he came with me!!  I decided to go for a stroll and he kept up with me, well I had to keep stopping, but there he was running along side me and it looked really funny.  I even crossed a sim and he still followed.  Also I couldn’t get him to jump into my arms the other night, but he has done this now so I can carry him if I need to.  He’s turning out to be a great little pet!!



Sweet Max

April 24, 2009

I had a lovely surprise from Drax the other night.  He teleported me to a shop and said he wanted to buy me a pet, what a lovely gift!!  There were little dogs and cats all curled up in baskets and waiting for people to take them home.  It was a hard decision to pick one as they were all so cute, but in the end I picked a little Siamese cat.  I have named him Max and he is the sweetest thing I have ever seen, especially for a pixel pet!!



Max is full of mischief and so funny, you can get him to play by chasing a ball of twine, he follows me about and sits at my feet looking up and talking to me (cat meows!!) and you can feed him from a bowl and even bath him. 



Max jumps up for a hug and looks really cute, he can travel on your shoulder or arm if you want him to.   If you set him down and let him roam he eventually falls alseep, so sweet!! even when I am off on my travels he just roams around the apartment looking after the place till I get back!!  Thank you Drax, Max is a treasure, I love him!!!



Aerobreeze for a little peace and solitude

April 21, 2009

I have been doing a bit more exploring on my own, as pals Hibiscus, Pixi and Drax have been very busy in real life at the moment, I’m looking forward to showing them some of the new places I have found!!  I have been looking down the Hotspot places and decided to pay Aerobreeze a visit, and to be honest I’m still not sure what it’s all about.   I arrived in a pretty desolate landscape up to my knees in water.  There was a nice ambiance about the place though and I decided to look at some of the objects scattered around the small sandy islands connected by water.  First thing I found was a bath with some lighted candles floating in it, so I got in, (fully clothed!!) and sat there trying not to catch my hair alight.  It was nice and relaxing though with the pretty twinkling light above adding some magic.



Feeling a bit soggy I got up out of the bath and made my way over to a sand castle, clicking on the poseball I started to smooth the sandcastle walls and sat admiring my work. 


I spotted a few transparent orbs in the distance so went to explore and sat on them to look at the view.



I saw a hermit crab shell and a table and chairs in the distance too, so just walked across the waist high waters till I reached them.



Funny thing was, out of the 68,000 people on line at the time I bumped into Latok Neumann, a fellow CNN ireporter, at the site and I said hello. Latok told me that this site was an art thing, and I can see what she means, it is sort of a peaceful place to be and kinda nice, not too much going on, but then I may have missed some bits.  The Hotspot info says ‘Aerobreeze spend some time on the water in this beautiful fantasy land’  Go and see what you think of it!!

Easter Eggs Galore!!!

April 17, 2009

I should have gone over and looked a couple of days ago, but I decided to go and see what Bunny Jam 2009 was all about yesterday.  It was a grand display of the most  beautiful Easter eggs imaginable and you could go in for a contest to win a sim for a year.   I did fill out the contest form in hopes, well you never know, someone has to win it!  just imagine a whole sim for a year, goodness knows what I’d do with it, but it would be fantastic.  I had a good look around all the egg exhibits and it seem like a lot had been made by Mia Linden and she had loads of different designs including a little tower with an egg shaped middle that you could climb into.  If I’d have thought I would have asked her for one of her eggs as well as one of her bears, but she was nowhere to be seen.  I sat on the very wall Humpty Dumpty fell off of and even landed inside an egg only to be disappointed that there was no chocolate in there!!   I had a rest on a giant flower where they had kindly left a book for me to read, regretfully the contents were way above my head, so I moved on after a short while.   You could sit on the giant bunny rabbits that looked really cute and the whole thing was beautifully done.   There had been an egg decorating contest and it looked like they had had more than enough people going in for it, making the most amazing eggs.  Here are the pictures below, please excuse the amount of shots but it was all so lovely that I even had to dispose of some and not use them all as I took so many!!














My favourite egg was the last picture, the little fairy style carriage, so sweet, well I enjoyed having a look around and what a lot of work people had put into it all, I’m glad I went there!!

Crazy Golf and Police Gear

April 14, 2009

When I logged on yesterday I had seen a notice from the London team saying there was a ‘crazy golf course’ in Hyde Park that had just opened.  My mate Hibiscus had beaten me to it, she had already had a go on it and had written a story too (later to appear in Virtually London (Lite)), so I went over for a look.  Hib was still over there and she showed me how to play the game. 



What a laugh we had, it did take a bit of skill and I kept getting penalties for walking ahead of where the ball was, not that I had much choice in the little areas you had to hit the ball in.  I either hit it too hard and it ended up in the reeds or I hardly hit it at all and stayed in one place for about 3 goes.  It was funny and the sort of thing you could do now and again for a laugh.   Hibiscus had to go to rl and I decided to practice a bit.  The thing is though, that this is near where the newbies come in and straight away I got a newbie asking me how you play it. I tried to explain how he got the golf club and ball, but after a good ten minutes of him not getting it because of my lousy instructions, he gave up and went away and I did the same before the next newbie came along!!



After the golf I decided to look all around SL London, which I do quite a bit, to see if I can pick up any stories for the London blog.  There had been a wonderful shop in Mayfair run by Gerr Finesmith, he used to make all types of uniforms and it was the highest quality stuff you could imagine.  Gerr is busy with real life now and only pops back occasionally, so his shop closed, but I did buy a police woman’s uniform before it did close.  His stuff is truly amazing, you got the uniform with all the bits and pieces including police radio etc and even a female avatar if you wanted to use it too, all this for only 200 Lindens and then a discount on top for SL London residents.  I hope Gerr opens his shop again, as I would give him all the publicity I can.  Anyway with my posh uniform including reflector jacket I set off around London to enforce law in the rowdy streets!! (only kidding!!!)